Pflugerville ISD teacher reaches 5-day ‘Family Feud’ streak

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A Pflugerville ISD teacher and his family scored their way onto a five-day turn up on “Family Feud,” competing from Nov. 9-15.

Jason Lubman, a fourth grade teacher at Highland Park Elementary, competed alongside his wife, sister-in-law and two nieces on the family-centered game show. But without some prompting from his wife, he said he never would’ve auditioned in the first place.

“The whole time I thought, ‘this is ridiculous. I’m super busy. Why are we why are we doing this?’” he said, laughing. “But she was convinced that we were going to get on ‘Family Feud.’ And then my sister-in-law was pretty convinced too, and my nieces all jumped on board. I was kind of the last one saying ‘seriously?’ And then it all happened.”

Lubman and his family competed on the show Nov. 9-12 and Nov. 15 and spent a month prior binge-watching the series and practicing nightly.

With his two nieces in San Antonio and sister-in-law living in Roma, all of the rehearsals were done via speed. After more than a year of the pandemic, he said this was an opportunity to grow already closer as a family, while nevertheless physically apart.

“We were relying on each other, and we had to be there for each other,” he said. We shared our excitement and joy with each other, and we were just working together the whole time. So we kind of came away from ‘Family Feud,’ feeling like a closer family.”

While Lubman said he was the toughest to convince to do the show, once his family earned their first $20,000 playing Fast Money, he was all in.

“I was happy just to get on TV. But then once we got there, and Steve Harvey turned to us and started talking, it was kind of like, ‘game on,’” he said. “So when we got up for Fast Money the first time, and we won the first show [with] $20,000, it was just unreal. We couldn’t believe it.”

After a five-day run, they finished one question away from winning the car and sweeping the competition, he said. But it was by no method a loss, Lubman said. Alongside growing closer as a family, they nevertheless walked away with enough money to renovate their house.

“I think my wife already spent it all,” he joked. “We got new appliances in the home, new floors…. I’m just trying to do some nice things around our home for our family and kind of take care of bills, nothing too extravagant.”

As for whether he’s earned the awe of his campus community, he said his fellow teachers and administrators were supportive throughout his streak. But once his students saw him on YouTube? It was game over, he joked.

“My students were excited for me,” he said. “But it wasn’t until I appeared on YouTube that, in their eyes, I was legit famous.”

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