PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera From Kodak

Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera NEWEST form

Kodak has come out with a new version of what was their Z18 pocket video camera. This new form they have dubbed the Zx3 or PlaySport is really just a tweaked up the Z18 in a waterproof case.

They have made the case quite strong so it can manager rough handling (already dropping from a small height like a few feet) and coated in a rubberised sort of cover so it wont slip out of your hand. This is mostly of assistance when using it while swimming.

Of the current range of mini pocket cameras this has got to be about the best package of features and performance.

Check out this list


Choice of 1080 HD (Wide screen) at 30 frames or 720 at 60 frames per second. Sun glare protect characterize. This characterize gives you a choice of two filters you can use so you can see your shot in the characterize screen when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. (Has no effect oh the actual shot) Inbuilt Smart confront tracking software fore identify on shots Slow motion playback to really see what happened You can easily upload to Facebook and YouTube because the Playsport comes with built in software and USB cable ready to do this. Record up to 10 hours (with larger cards) Waterproof to 10 feet It also has a special filter when using it under water to counteract the under water poorer light so the pictures come out clearer. nevertheless shots from this camera are at 5mp and in 1080 HD which is very good for such a small unit although many phones are now up to this level. Built-in image stabilization which method less wobbles when you are chasing the action. The KODAK PLAYSPORT works with both MAC and PC


ARCSOFT MEDIA IMPRESSION Software for Kodak (PC only)

HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and AV cable (Audio Visual) which method you can connect your Kodak PlaySport directly into your TV or Computer.

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with in-camera charging which method you dont have to remove the battery to recharge it and Li-Ion can be charged anytime already if you just want to top up. No bad memory like the old Ni-cad.


Other reviewers have said they like the unit and agree it is very kid friendly being so easy to use. It certainly can stand up to a bit of rough handling. Personally I think kids should be taught to manager technical equipment carefully and with some respect and not expect highly complicate equipment to stand up to careless handling.

already so I can see these units being given to kids as toys and thats a pity because the unit deserves better than that.

While it cant match more expensive equipment levels of performance it nevertheless takes great HD video that people could only dream about a very few short years ago.

For someone who wants very good moment video this little unit is very hard to beat in performance, quality and affordability.

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