Pokemon Cards – How to Protect and Store Them


Once you begin collecting Pokemon cards, you will accrue a large amount fairly quickly; a few dozen cards will turn into a few hundred before you know it. You may be tempted to just throw your cards into a shoebox upon acquiring them, but it is far better to come up with a system of organizing and storing your cards.

There are two main advantages to keeping your Pokemon cards in order. The first assistance is that your cards will stay in better condition when you pay more care to them. When you simply toss all of your cards into a box or bin, they are far more likely to become damaged. The holographic surfaces of scarce Pokemon cards are delicate and can be easily scratched.

It is important that you keep your Pokemon cards in good condition because this will help them continue their value. Some of the scarce Pokemon cards out there are worth $50 and above. However, when the card becomes blemished, it will not be worth nearly as much. You will not be able to sell your cards for as much in the future, and you will also not receive as much value in return for a trade.

The second reason for storing your cards in an orderly fact is that it becomes much easier to find a specific card later on. already though I own thousands of Pokemon cards, if you were to ask me to pick out a specific card from the lot, I would be able to find it within 30 seconds! It is really nice to be able to do this, especially when someone wants to trade with you or if you are trying to build a deck.

Now you may be wondering, What is the best way to store my Pokemon cards? Well here is the system that I use to keep my Pokemon cards in order:

First off, I keep all my holographic Pokemon cards in a strong, zippered binder. I highly advise you to use a zippered binder, so that your cards will have no chance of falling out. I first place each card in a penny sleeve, which is just a thin plastic card holding case that costs about one cent, and then place it into the card holding pages within the binder. I prefer Ultra-Pro card holding pages, which keep up up to 9 cards per page.

I only put 1 card in each slot in the page, just because they can become damaged if you try to squeeze more than one into each place. Using this method ensures your cards will stay in something perfect. I recommend putting your holographic cards in your binder as soon as you acquire them; dont wait because they might get scratched!

I also keep my binder organized by sections. I separate my cards by kind, meaning I keep all Fire Pokemon cards together, all Water types together, etc… You may find it better for you to position your cards in a different manner. As long as know where to find all your cards within your binder, you are good.

I like to keep my non-holographic Pokemon cards in cardboard boxes made specifically for storing trading cards. You can probably find these at your local hobby store. They do not cost more than a associate dollars each and can keep up a few hundred if not thosand cards, depending on what size you get.

I keep my cards in here organized first by set, and then within the set I organize them again by what color kind the Pokemon card is. I use index cards to make where each section starts and ends. This works extremely efficiently for me; I am able to find any card you ask me for in a flash.

I think a meaningful to keeping an organized Pokemon card collection is to put away any new cards you receive as soon as you get them. Dont put off filing them away; just get in a habit of putting them in their place.

It is easy to keep an organized and mint collection of Pokemon cards; you just need to have a little focus. Believe me, the effort is well worth it. Good luck with organizing and storing your Pokemon card collection!

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