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Prince William – date of birth – 21st June 1982



– – 6 – 9

2 – – – 8

11 – – –

Life Path 29/11 – 2. Calm and psychic

Symbolizing cooperation and peace, 2 is associated with feminine energies; passive, soothing, diplomatic. The number 2 is adaptable and has evolved to temper the potency of the masculine 1. Decision-making can be a challenge for the Two who has to fight against the fear of being thought wrong. They can suffer a without of self-confidence that can be manifest in later life. by school and the early adult years, Life Path 2’s can be the victims of unjustified gossip and rumor. This further forces the person to deal positively with the injustice and learn the virtues of peace, calm and inner strength. Always polite and courteous, they dislike rough or rude behavior. They prefer to have a partner to proportion their lives with, usually a more assertive mate. Musical ability is indicated.

Line of weakness – Line of the skeptic: This line can indicate anything from total skepticism of anything metaphysical by to an enlightened, open-minded approach to the mysteries of existence.

To conquer insecurity, they need to concede their vulnerability but act with confidence, and to stop monitoring other’s opinions to connect with his heart’s wisdom.

The numbers that make up 29/11 are a combination of 1, 2 and 9. So they have a balance of male and female energies in the 1 and 2, plus the 9, which is all about integrity and wisdom. 9’s need to ask themselves the question: what example does my life provide for others?

Many 29/11’s have tremendous creative possible but they can have trouble handling the energy. 29/11’s often have an uncommon turn up, with an energy field two or three times larger than the average, their attractiveness coming from the glowing energy field, instead of necessarily physical features. Their sensitive energy does not allow them to tolerate drugs or alcohol well, and they need more exercise than the average person as a way of keeping their energy flowing and for grounding.



This air sign is versatile and disinctive about anything and everything. In fact, they tend to think about several different things at once. While this can be a useful trait, multi-tasking being their forte, the indecisiveness of this sign can cause a problem. They are generous, affectionate and capricious; they cannot stand to be bored, and are impatient. Geminians are youthful, enigmatic, and perennially inclined to changing their minds.

In love: Geminians live in their minds and are turned on by a partner who understands and responds to this. Once they have fallen for someone, they waste no time in letting their intended know all about it. They are the communicators of the zodiac and have no difficulty in expressing their feelings. (Unlike the Capricorns – Kate Middleton – who will find it harder than most to express their emotions, thinking that there is a risk involved in exposing the vulnerability of their feelings.) There is a need with Geminians for variety. This doesn’t necessarily average a variety of different partners, more someone who will understand and go along with their ever changing ideas and need for experimentation. (Not a trait shared to Capricorns, who are more substantial and nevertheless.)

In work: The very character of Gemini makes them perfect for a career in the media or communications of some kind. PR, market research, or any job that brings them into contact with the public is ideal. I guess the job of Prince does kind of fit the bill here. That’s a PR job of sorts, and he does so come across well in the media.

Gemini’s are fun to be with because they stir things up, but don’t try to limit them. They like their freedom. Because of their affinity for words, Gemini make wonderful secretaries; when it comes to speed, they can out kind the fastest in the world. Well, if he wasn’t a prince, he might want to consider such a career; although journalism/broadcasting or writing might suit him better!

They make amusing partners and friends. Quick-wittedness and a light humour add a sparkle to their conversation. They’re charming and optimistic individuals who liven up any gathering.

X – X – X – X – X – X – X – X

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