Product Review – Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason

Product Review – Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason

Bob’s course was recommended to me by a good friend who used it successfully, so I decided to sign up. The course includes many books, including his own Wealth Beyond Reason, step by step instructions to use the course, meditations to help you manifest what you want in your life, audio conference calls and lectures, use of affirmations and much much more.

Having spent some time searching the site, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of material offered. However, what I like most about the course is that Bob Doyle is there every step of the way to explain all the material, what steps to take and how to use the tools provided. An important part of the program, and one which most other programs don’t address, is getting rid of any resistance you have to attracting everything you want.

Conference calls, meditations, tele-seminars and audio material are obtainable also for download to MP3 or to your computer for burning to CD. I burned several of the CD’s to listen to when I go for my daily walk. The books are also downloaded to your computer so you have moment access to everything.

What exactly is the life of your dreams? If you want wealth, just what could be stopping you from attracting that? Do you have “money issues” believing that money is hard to come by or that you don’t deserve to be wealthy? Do you think only lucky people have lots of money and financial freedom? Bob’s course helps you deal with and get rid of any beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back.

One valuable tool used in the program is the Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ve already gotten tremendous assistance from this and freed myself from negative thoughts about many things in my life.

Here are some of the books which are included in the program for moment download:

Other books include:

“A Happy Pocket complete of Money,” “The Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver” and “Raising Humans” by David Cameron

“The Science of Getting high” by Wallace Wattles

“Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale

“Wealth Consciousness” by Roger Lanphear.

Other bonus material includes:

“The Greatest Money Making Secret In History!” – by Joe Vitale

“Sales and the Law of allurement” – by Bob

“Create Your Own Reality Audio Series ” – by Bob Doyle

“Flightwaves Brainwave Synchronization Meditations ” – by Bob Doyle

“90-Minute Q&A with Bob Doyle “

Besides all of this there is an online library, coaching seminars and more.

Bob Doyle tells you up front that you must be prepared to commit yourself to the program and work it every day. It isn’t just a program to buy and then decide it isn’t working. If you use the techniques Bob offers and do the meditations and Emotional Freedom Technique and read the material and commit to following it, you can truly have, do or be anything you wish in life.

Already I have seen tremendous changes in my own life and I expect more!

Besides all these tools and material, there are on-going updates, audios and more obtainable once you finish the course.

While others maybe charging over $1,000 for their Law of allurement courses, at only $227, Bob Doyle’s course is a huge value. Just the books alone are worth the price but you receive so much more. You can also divide the payments up into 3 if you choose, making it already more affordable.

Bob also offers some sample chapters and free information to give you a taste of all that is offered in the course.

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in the Law of allurement.

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