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Eye Kandy Cosmetics Sprinkles SKS03616

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What it’s: Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles What it does: We provide two cuts of glitter in our substantial liners. Superfine – The first, and by far our hottest because of the ease of making use of, is our SF. The grain dimension of this glitter is our smallest, ranging in dimension from a .004 x .004 to a .006 x .006. This dimension of glitter doesn’t provide as a lot sparkle, so tends to be much less emotional, however is nevertheless bright and dramatically to use. It is a superb minimize for a day or ‘workplace’ look and works fantastically as an throughout eye shadow and lip shimmer. Fine – Our second minimize is F. This is our largest grain at .006 x .006 to a .008 x .008. This dimension glitter picks up essentially the most mild, and, in that purpose, is unquestionably essentially the most flashy and thrilling to use! This dimension tends to be extra widespread with the performing crowd. It shines and sparkles and presents all of the ‘bling’ you want! This is a superb minimize for a brilliant, daring and enjoyable look. What else you could know: Our remaining glitter choice is our Sugars. Sugars – The Sugars are additionally a .008 x .008 grain dimension. However, the sugars are usually not substantial colours. This kind of glitter is a translucent, iridescent plastic grain which presents a touch of shade. The Sugars are very troublesome to make use of as liners and are truly supposed to rework the eyelid or desired space of pores and skin right into a glitter. The Sugars are additionally unbelievable for stage performers, however look lovely and are enjoyable to use as an on a regular basis eye shadow. Product Options Available are as follows: Option – Ballistic Berry – SF Option – Bananarama – F Option – Berry Blast – SF Option – Berry Blast – SF Option – Black Bart – SF Option – Bubble Gum – F Option – Butterscotch SF- 0.11oz Option – Candy Apple SF- 0.11oz Option – Candy Cane SF- 0.11oz Option – Candy Coin – SF ek01-candy-corn-sf Option – Cherry Bomb – SF Option – Chicklets – SF Option – Chocolate Chip SF- 0.11oz Option – Citrus Twist SF- 0.11oz Option – Confetti – SF Option – Cotton Candy- 0.11oz Option – Double Bubble – F Option – Ginger Snap SF- 0.11oz Option – Gum Drop Sugar- 0.11oz Option – Gumball – SF Option – Hard Candy – SF Option – Honey Drop – SF Option – Icing – 0.11oz Option – Jawbreaker – SF Option – JellyBean Sugar- 0.11oz Option – Licorice Stick – SF Option – Lollipop Sugar – 0.11oz Option – Mad Melon Sugar- 0.11oz Option – Marshmallow – Sugar Option – Peach Fizz – Sugar Option – Pixie Stick – F Option – Pixie Stick – SF Option – Pumpkin Pie – F Option – Rasberry Blast F- 0.11oz Option – Razzle Berry – 0.11 oz Option – Semi Sweet – 0.11oz Option – Sizzlin’ Cinnamon – SF Option – Sour Apple – SF Option – Sour Berry F- 0.11oz Option – Sour Blast – F Option – Sour Grape – F Option – Spearmint SF- 0.11oz Option – Sugar Cane – F Option – Sugar Plum SF – 0.11oz Option – Sweet Tart F- 0.11oz Option – Taffy – F Option – Tangerine Twist Sugar- 0.11oz Option – Tiny Tart – F Option – Tootie Fruitie – SF Option – Twizzle Stick – Sugar Option – Watermelon SF – 0.11 oz Option – Winter Burst – F 4.73

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