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GelColor by OPI Soak Off Gel Lacquer nail polish SKS09518

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What is that this product? Iconic OPI Color in a polish-on gel method! GelColor by OPI’s shine-intense shades remedy in 30 seconds and final for weeks. From its distinctive bottle and customized brush, to its unbeatably quick utility and lightening velocity remedy.. gelColor by OPI redefines salon gel sets with lasting, shiny OPI colour! GelColor by OPI delivers sooner sets than past Gel generations! Cures in 4 minutes per set vs. 12+ min. for normal UV remedy.More data: GelFusion Technology : A Fusion of progressive gel polymer chemistry with high-speed LED expertise for iconic OPI colour on the velocity of sunshine.1. Sanitize, prep, and push again cuticles. Then wipe with Hand and Nail Cleanser (or Bond-Aid) utilizing a lint-free wipe. Apply Hand & Nail OPI PH Bond. 2. Apply OPI BASE Gel in a skinny utility and seal the sting of the nail. 3. Place hand within the LED for 30 Seconds or 3 minute in a UV mild. 4.Apply Gelish colour of selection in a skinny utility from cuticle to free edge. Be positive to seal the sides of the nail. 5. Place hand in LED mild for 30 Seconds or 3 minutes (3 min is recommended) in a UV lamp. For darker protection repeat steps 4 and 5. 6. Apply OPI Top Coat Sealer from cuticle to free edge utilizing a lightweight utility. 7. Place hand within the LED mild for 30 Seconds or 3 minutes in a UV mild. 8. Wipe off the Tacky inner with Cleanser or Alcohol. Soak Off Gel Removal: 1. Use a buffer or file to interrupt a portion of the seal on high inner of high coat. 2. Put fingers in a bowl of acetone or soak-off remover , or wrap the nail with foil round finger, make sure to put acetone or remover on a chunk of cotton earlier than wrapping with foil. (if acetone is warmed up might be faster to take away, don’t microwave acetone or any flammable merchandise merely place a bowl of heat water underneath the bowl of acetone or soak off removing merchandise permit 5-10 minutes) 3. Allow nails to soak in both acetone or soak-off remover 10-15 minutes. 4. Use a orange wooden stick or cuticle pusher to take away gel off remaining gel polish.Product Options Available are as follows: Color : A Good Man-darin – GC H47 Color : A Grape Fit – GC B87 Color : Alpine Snow – GC L00 Color : Alpine Snow – GC L00 Color : Are We There Yet? – GC T23 Color : Base Coat – GC 010 Color : Bastille My Heart – GC F17 Color : Big Apple Red – GC N25 Color : Bogota Blackberry GC F52 Color : Bubble Bath – GC S86 opi17-cajun-shrimp-l64 Color : Color to Diner For – GC T25 Color : Cosmo-Not Tonight – GC R58 Color : Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? – GC H54 Color : Funny Bunny – GC H22 Color : The Thrill of Brazil – GC A16 Color : Polka.com – GC – E71 Color : OPI Eurso Euro – GC – E72 Color : You’re Such A Budapest – GC E74 Color : Can’t Find My Czechbook – GC – E75 Color : OY – Another Polish Joke – GC – E78 Color : My Vampire Is Buff – GC – E82 Color : I Reached My Gold – GC G02 Color : Chasing Rainbow – GC G04 Color : DS Pewter – GC G05 Color : Desperately Seeking Sequins – GC G07 Color : Deutsch You Want Me Baby? – GC G15 Color : Every Month is Oktoberfest – GC G18 Color : Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine – GC G21 Color : Schnapps Out of it! – GC G22 Color : Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs – GC G23 Color : Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue – GC G24 Color : Chick Flick Cherry – GC H02 Color : Otherwise Engaged – GC H33 Color : I Think In Pink – GC H38 Color : It’s A Girl – GC H39 Color : You Pink Too Much – GC G03 Color : Coney Island Cotton Candy – GC L12 Color : Black Cherry Chutney – GC l43 Color : My Chihuahua Bites – GC M21 Color : Romeo & Joliet – GC S72 Color : Altar Ego – GC S78 Color : Rosy Future – GC S79 Color : Pirouette My Whistle – GC T55 Color : Lights Of Emerald City – GC T56 Color : Don’t Burst My Bubble – GC T57 Color : When Monkeys Fly – GC T58 Color : Glints Of Glinda – GC T59 Color : Which Is Witch – GC T60 Color : I Theodora You – GC T61 Color : Yodel Me on My Cell – GC Z20 Color : GoldenEye – HL D24 Color : The Spy Who Loved Me – HL D25 Color : Skyfall – HL D26 Color : On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – HL D27 Color : Tomorrow Never Dies – HL D28 Color : Casino Royale – HL D29 Color : Honk if You Love OPI – GC T28 Color : I Eat Mainely Lobster – GC T30 Color : I Have A Herring Problem – GC H58 Color : IKnead Sour Dough – GC F60 Color : I’m Not Really a Waitress – GC H08 Color : Kyoto Pearl – GC L03 Color : Lincoln Park After Dark – GC W42 Color : Louvre Me Louvre Me Not – GC F13 Color : Malaga Wine – GC L87 Color : Miami Beet – GC B78 Color : My Address is “Hollywood” – GC T31 Color : My Private Jet – GC B59 Color : OPI Ink. – GC B61 Color : Passion – GC H19 Color : Pedal Faster Suzi! – GC H60 Color : Pink Flamenco – GC E44 Color : Pompeii Purple – GC C09 Color : Princesses Rule! – GC R44 Color : Road House Blues – GC T32 Color : Russian Navy – GC R54 Color : Samoan Sand – GC P61 Color : Strawberry Margarita – GC M23 Color : Suzy Says Feng Shui – GC H46 Color : Thanks a WindMillion – GC H62 Color : Top Coat – GC 030 Color : Vampsterdam – GC H63 Color : Wooden Shoe Like to Know? – GC H64 Color : You Don’t Know Jacques! – GC F15 Color : Cozu-Melted within the Sun – GC M27 Color : Got The Blues For Red – GC W52 Shh…It’s Top Secret

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