Protoss Vs Protoss Strategy – 2 Gateway Phoenix Harassment

Protoss Vs Protoss Strategy – 2 Gateway Phoenix Harassment

In a Protoss vs Protoss game, the strategy will mostly be getting ground units out of Gateways and Robotics Facilities, so using this strategy can be devastating to your enemy. If you keep getting Collosus rushed or 4 Warpgate rushed then this strat could help you win against those Protoss vs Protoss strategies.

This starting build order will vary just a bit from the standard Protoss build. Instead of getting a Robotics Facility or lots of Gateways, you’ll get a Stargate right when your Cybernetics chief is done. Then get another Gateway and make units out of those for defense.

As soon as your Gateway is done, start making Phoenix. When you first one comes out, head over to your opponent’s base. Phoenix make great scouts since they are so fast and have shields. You can fly over your whole opponent’s base, take a few hits and retreat before any real damage is done to your ship. Use your scouting Phoenix to get a real good look at what your opponent is up to.

Once your second and third Phoenix comes out fly over to his mineral line and start lifting his Probes and taking them out. Target the ones harvesting gas first, many players will forget to put Probes back in gas or make a mistake and put too many. Retreat once some Stalkers get a few hits on you.

Be sure to watch the Xel’Naga watchtowers and keep a scout Probe outside your opponent’s base. If you see him start to move out, run in with your Phoenix and start destroying his Probes again. This will cause him to either head back to take out your Phoenix’s or keep going and suffer the losses. Either way will give you a meaningful advantage.

If he keeps coming at you, move your Phoenix back to your base to help defend against the attack. If he has Colossi target them down first with your airships. If not, start lifting the Zealots that get close to your units and take them out (Phoenix do additional damage to light units). This will open up his Stalkers to be attacked by your army.

This Protoss vs Protoss strategy is pretty micro intensive, so be sure to practice a lot with Phoenix to get the lifting and maneuvering down. This build isn’t as reliable in the hands of a novice player, but a skilled player can use this strategy to greatly frustrate his Protoss opponents and obtain the victory.

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