Psychic Insomnia

Hey! All you energetically (psychically) sensitive people out there! Is the Disturbance in the Force causing you sleepless nights? Do you feel the earth quake on the other side of the world? Yeah, been there, done that myself; got the t-shirt. Have you figured out what to do about it however? Maybe this will help: when you find yourself unable to sleep, get up and go do something useful (but non-stimulating).

Read, write, pray, meditate, or all four. In the case of earthquakes, get on the internet and check it out. If you are unable to find a cause for your insomnia, consider this: perhaps your physical body has had enough rest for the time being. Due to vigorous changes on the planet-which are increasing at a rapid rate-the energies of the physical body are readjusting to compensate.

It’s like this: a big solar flare causes a geomagnetic storm here on earth. Changes in the magnetic field tend to have a strange effect on brain tissue. People (and animals) who have a lot of magnetite in their brains have a inclination to lose their sense of direction during such storms. Brains are the CPU of the body; some scientists have expected that when the magnetic field of the earth reaches zero, brains will be wiped as clean as a new computer. That would be pretty weird, but don’t worry, no one would have the brain strength to figure out what was happening anyway.

Maybe you have noticed that there are days when everyone seems confused or otherwise out of phase. As one who usually has an excellent sense of direction, I can always tell when the magnetic field changes. At such times, I try not to have to excursion anywhere at night, because I literally can’t find my way home. Not only is it mentally uncomfortable to lose one’s sense of direction, there are physical effects also. The body feels like a car engine with a spark plug detached: jerky and no longer running smoothly.

What works for me during those times may work for you also. Put on your favorite meditation or reading music, sit down with a mug of calming tea, and align yourself with the Universe. The solar flares are not something to fight, nor is the magnetic field. The ages-old practice of building the mental body have a purpose that dovetails nicely with loss of the magnetic field: when the higher mental body is mature, one can function the body from a inner of existence that is unaffected by loss of the field.

One of the meditation practices that helps build the higher mental body is that of Silva Mind Control. How do you know if your mental body is mature? When you go to sleep, if your consciousness is awake and working while your body is sound asleep, your mental body is mature. Some disciplines start with Lucid Dreaming; check out the article on that for further information.

Now go back to sleep, perchance to dream.

(c)2010 Dr.Valerie Olmsted All Rights Reserved

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