Psychic Questions – What Should I Ask?

Psychic Questions – What Should I Ask?

What should I ask a psychic? Should I get super personal….and ask things no ordinary person could know, or should I ask entertaining questions, just to see what sort of responses I get? And are there any questions that are off limits completely…..or is EVERYTHING kosher to ask? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at the best way to get psychic answers… virtue of asking the very best psychic questions you can, in the time you have obtainable. Ready? Let’s dive in deeper closest below!

What questions should I ask when the psychic session first begins?

Honestly? A good psychic will do MOST of the talking…and won’t let you go too deeply into a Q and A, before they have a good feel for your energy. But usually, after initial impressions are offered and insights have been shared, a good clairvoyant, or intuitive will offer YOU to begin the time of action of curious about things you’d really like to know.

Good questions to ask a psychic in a short session?

Questions about purpose…and passion, are often very helpful, and very easy for a gifted intuitive to see. The stronger emotions (i.e. – love and romance/life purpose and destiny) often have the strongest aura’s around them, making them the easiest to answer for the intuitive, and the easiest way for YOU to get PROOF they are as accurate as you heard.

What questions are off limits? Should I ask things that are possible embarrassing?

Honestly? Embarrassing questions are GOOD to ask…as a psychic can be seen as a close confidant, and will often tell you things you NEED to hear….already if they don’t feel good to know. But don’t ask questions about your death….or already the deaths of people close to you, UNLESS the psychic decides on their own to bring it up. Why? Because it can be dangerous to play with this information…for a whole large number of reasons we don’t have space to cover here. But suffice it to say, all information can changed with choice, and often, if people THINK they are “doomed” at a certain time, it can have profound effects on other life choices…and is a bad question to ask overall. (so don’t do it..:-)

The bottom line?

Pretty much EVERYTHING is okay to ask a psychic…and the better and more insightful (and helpful) their answers, the more likely it is that they are really good! A good psychic can be a great asset to have in life I’ve found…and the more rapport you create, the better their advice will become, I potential!

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