Psykeeper Guide and Build

Psykeeper Guide and Build

This is one of my favorite characters in Flyff. The psykeepers are a powerful and have exceptionally strong aoe attacks making them a sought-after commodity for any grinding party. They are so flexible and have so many builds that you can adapt them to any playing style you choose. Before I get into the build section I’m going to discuss some of the important skills that the psykeeper possesses and explain their strengths.


Demonology – This skill is a very useful skill for the arena and PVP. This is one a more spamable skills as it has a fast casting time and deals around 500-1000 damage more than psychic bomb.

Psychic Bomb – is another good skill use during PVP and also when leveling. You have a chance of dramatically your target for 3 seconds.

Cruico Spell – most players love the skill and according to their particular build it helps out a lot. This skill will mirror back damage which really helps in aoe when monsters are hiting you.

Satanology – this skill is really good because it stops your enemy in its tracks. This allows you to spam and blast away at your opponent with all the skills you can muster. The more intelligence to put in the longer the skill last.

Spirit Bomb – I would say this is probably your best PVP skill. It’s sort of like satanology as the more intelligence you have the more damage you will do. You can deal upwards toward 10k damage!

Maximum Crisis – this is the main aoe skill that the psykeeper processes. Unfortunately it’s not ranged but that’s okay if you are using the cruico build. It’s also nice since you don’t have to target a monster to begin this spell.

Psychic Wall – this is a decent spell unfortunately you’ll use it a lot less than the others. I use it mainly when I’m about to die when I’m grinding with monsters, I’ll just cast it and bounce the mobs away. This is also slightly useful during PVP if your opponent gets too close to.

Master Skill – this is a good skill and you should max it along the way as at top-level it will give you +15 intelligence.

Psychic Square – this is going to be her other grinding spell however it has a 10 second pulldown. It is a range skill and you can use it to either help in gathering more monsters and also to finish off current monsters that you are blasting away. A lot of hit-and-run psys use this spell alot.

Hero Skill – you will mainly use this skill during PVP. This will petrify your target and disable all healing, MP, and FP. It’s also helpful fighting bosses disabling their healing.

Satan Psykeeper Build:

15-40 Stamina

xxx Goes into intelligence

This is pretty much your solo build, most psykeepers with this build will have a lot of intelligence. You will have exceptional damage output and you will use Satanology to root monsters while you bomb away skills on them (prolly spirit bomb). This will greatly reduce your ability to be hit and maximizing your damage output. You don’t generally need to upgrade your equipment or get a high defense with this kind of build. Just keep in mind to use wands and preferably look for ones with high intelligence.

Leveling – all you simply need to do is use Satanology so that you can stun the monsters from moving and just wail away on them. You can use this technique on any monster of any level and have great success. However I would recommend that you get the help from a ringmaster here and there to increase killing speed. I wouldn’t suggest fighting monsters any higher than level 10. You will find that leveling is slightly slow compared to some of the Crucio builds, however if you grind and keep at it it will save you from restating at high levels.

PvP – satanology is your skill of choice here as you can stop your target from reaching you. This makes you exceptionally deadly force other melee classes that will never be able to get to you in time as you are unleashing fury on them. Now against your ranged classes you can nevertheless keep up your own due to your high damage output, however after a period of time your maximum hit points do come into play. Hopefully you can deal enough damage before you already have an issue. An underrated skill that I use a lot is psybomb to inflict stuns here and there throughout the fight. In most situations this is usually enough to make difficulty your opponent enough to win the outcome.

Money – gaining wealth in the game of flyff will never be one of your problems as you can kill bosses extremely easily just by soloing. This enables you to keep all of the drops so that you can stuff your wallet complete of great gear and money. A particularly good identify to mass a large amount of cash during early game is to fight volt to cranes, and bombtimers have a great drop probability. You’ll get a lot of gear that you can sell to the NPC’s and on some occasions get good enough gear to sell to other players.

Crucio Psykeepers Build:

xxx Your Stamina!

Int: You can put points here or there mainly to lengthen some of your spells, it’s up to you.

This build will permit you to level at increased speeds which is the envy of most players. Your technique is pretty simple, gather your monsters and then cast crucio. Every time they hit you you will be inflicting enormous amounts of damage back at them. As you can see this is extremely effective especially in early game when you don’t have a aoe spell to cast, but in a way crucio is just that. Unfortunately during PVP this nevertheless does not work. I would warn you however that sometimes this can be very costly and you’ll need lots of potions and if you can find the ringmaster is a friend this would be very advantageous. Now for the equipment part of the equation, it is different from the intelligence based psykeepers. You will need to try to hoard armors that have high defense and hit point bonuses. This maximizes the effect of using your skill crucio.

Crucio Leveling – if you want to level quickly I would advise you to first find a good ringmaster or assist. You will need their intelligence and healing buffs and both of you guys will assistance greatly. With the help of the ringmaster you can start grinding on monsters 15 levels are higher without any problems. Now to get max effective out of this it is strongly recommended that you have your crucio skill maxxed, if not you may have to fight lower-level monsters. You have a lot of options here, you can hit monsters and then run away (Satanology )after each hit to heal or my favorite technique which is using psywall to ward off additional monsters. With your skill level maxed you should be able to fight monsters 30 levels are higher which will take some time to kill. Be patient and smart and when the monsters finally die you’ll watch your experience bar jump:) Don’t try to solo, using this build requires an assist or ringmaster so don’t already think about trying this without one.

Crucio PvPing – clearly you can do pretty good in PVP since you can take a lot of damage. Unfortunately attack is pretty low which is where you’re going to have trouble. It’s going to be very difficult to kill other players with high defense and good damage output. I would try to invest in wands that have casting time bonuses and preferably upgraded around +7 or higher.

Money – now this is always going to be tough for you is you’ll be using so much food in pots because the monsters criting on you that you will always be hurting for money. Since you have a really hard time gianting, you can amass a large quantity of money or equipment to sell to NPC’s. You can use a hit-and-run tacticsatan/psywall if you are patient and this will save you some money but sometimes not enough to be worth it. This is why your ability to level quickly has a price.

AoE Psykeeper Build:

50-60 intelligence and the rest you can put in stamina.

90+ at these levels you want to add a little bit more intelligence for damage and spell lengthening

This build is more of a hybrid and in my opinion requires a more experienced player. Your ability to level is not too bad but not as fast as the complete stamina build. You’ll be great at player versus player and have a huge advantage at AoE at higher levels. Now since you are a hybrid you are going to want to component your armors according to the monsters that you are grinding on. This will make a huge difference and you pretty much have to do it or else you’re just wasting your time. And as for your weapon tried to find the highest damage dealing wanted that you can find (do not component it! this will make your damage weaker). At higher levels your armor will give you much more defense and help your taking ability for aoeing.

Hybrid Leveling:

With this specific build you can use the help of a ringmaster or assist, or you can solo it’s really up to you. But once again a ringmaster or assist does help greatly, so make friends when you can. Your level 75 aoe does an incredible amount of damage but unfortunately you have a 10 second cooldown. Which is why most psykeepers rely mostly on their level 65 aoe. You didn’t cast crucio for leveling but at low levels this is not worth it since it decreases wand durability. I warn you not to attack mobs with aoe that have ranging attacks as this will seriously start bothersome you. After level 80 you can go to the mines to grind however it is really crowded in there. If you have the patience, leveling outside the mines is also slightly decent.

Crucio PvPing:

PVP will always be a fun time for you playing this kind of build, so you’re pretty much set. Your satanology skill can keep up your opponents for a good amount of time with your current intelligence. Unfortunately your damage will be low against others with high stamina. This is a great deal for PVP but your successes will come from gear that you have statted or found with additional intelligence bonuses. Overall this build is probably the best of the three for dominating their opponents.

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