Questing the EPRI Electric strength Institutes Electric Car Economy Figur…

We are told that electric cars are the way to go, but is that really true? After all, electric cars are more expensive than regular cars to begin with; by all functional comparisons over 2.5 times more in fact. And already at $3.00 per gallon, one has to ask if electric cars will be less costly after the Senate passes the cap and trade rules, where the cost of electricity will double.

Currently, a recent research report by the EPRI; Electric strength Research Institute stated that the average electric car would be the about the same as seventy-five cents per gallon, when compared with an average economy four door sedan at $3.00 per gallon.

The report went on to say that prices of electric cars will come down making the comparisons on the costs to buy about equal, meaning there would be no reason not to buy an electric car. Baloney, I say. Right now, both China and Mitsubishi are working with the socialist nation-state of Bolivia to mine Lithium to make the ion-lithium batteries.

Bolivia will work to keep the price high so they can take more, this method the batteries will be very expensive and so the cost to buy these cars will not come down considerably, while mini-car gasoline motored imports from China and from India’s Tata Motors will be selling for well-under $10,000 and will be on the market before 2010.

It is my contention that the figures by the EPRI are wrong, misleading and will not be accurate in the future. Right now for example it costs me $1.80 to $2.00 to fully charge my golf cart and I can go about 26-miles on a complete charge, and an electric car will be higher than that. And at the cost to buy it, it’s another $15-20,000 more. So, someone keeping their cars for 5-8 years will lose money buying an electric car.

Plus, if they keep it much longer than that, they’ll have to buy new batteries, which are not going to be cheap, and there will be a recycling cost to trade in the old ones too, in order to meet future problems with too many discarded batteries in the landfills, when many of the batteries become un-reusable due to excessive use on the housings.

This electric car concept, well, it is just not being precisely described and everyone is in for a big let-down. Please consider this.

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