Readers argue Consuming Alcohol, Cannabis on the Slopes

Consuming weed on and off the slopes is nothing new. What is new is the research being conducted into the effect that cannabis can have on exercise.

“We don’t know much about the use of alcohol and cannabis while people are skiing,” says Angela Bryan, a psychology and neuroscience professor at the University of Colorado Boulder who’s working on CU’s Physical Activity and Cannabis Effects study, which analyzes athletes before and after cannabis use.

“There’s a huge stigma around cannabis use, which is ironic, because at the same time, it’s perfectly fine to advertise alcohol use,” Bryan adds. In fact, SPACE struggled to publicize the study on a local radio stop that prohibits cannabis-use announcements but permits those covering alcohol-related topics.

And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post about the SPACE study, readers concede that double standard…in addition as how late science is coming to the party. Wonders James:

 Who can ski/snowboard/cycle/etc. if they’re not stoned?

Adds Greg

Every lift ride!

Observes Marc: 

Weed really enhances my ski moves, elevating my form into like, ballet or a graceful synchronized swimmer…sometimes it makes me feel like a complete animal out a jaguar or angry hippopotamus. And sometimes I just get hungry and get ripped off by the resort for like a $40 banana with a coffee…

indicates Ben:

Performance-enhancing drug.

Adds Tyler:

If you’re gonna already read this article you should probably concede that there is no limit on how much alcohol they can serve you at a ski resort. In particular at the top of the mountain.…

Responds David:

It’s the people that have been drinking too much that you have to watch out for.

And then there’s this from James:

In other current ski slope news, Hot Dog…The Movie is out on VHS.

As a bonus, here’s the trailer for that 1984 comedy “that’s proud to go downhill…fast.” Do you ski/board stoned? What do you think of the research being done into cannabis and exercise? Alcohol and exercise? Post a comment or proportion your thoughts at [email protected]

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