Readers Respond to Urban Legends Continue About Edibles on Halloween

Readers Respond to Urban Legends Continue About Edibles on Halloween

Over the decades, there have been many spooky stories about kids being given tricked-up treats, everything from apples containing razor blades to poisoned candy. The latest rumors are all about children being handed edibles, and although Colorado Attorney Phil Weiser recently tweeted a warning that parents should be vigilant, how shared is this problem, really?

Not very, according to our recent roundup of actual incidents involving edibles. And as readers point out in their comments on the Facebook post of the story, this would be a pretty expensive prank. Says Kimberly: 

This comes up every year … And it’s stoooopid and never happens.
Halloween candy: wrapped and $5 a giant bag.
Edibles: unwrapped and $30 for hardly any …
Ain’t no one giving them out, or anything else.
Adds Don:  Only in really high neighborhoods. Us poor folks can’t provide to be giving away perfectly good edibles for free. Notes Christie:  I don’t already want to give my edibles to my friends.
Notes Eugene:  This is as fake as the shit was when I was a kid in the ’70s. Razor blades in the apples people were presumably injecting candy with poisons and all kind of crazy shit back then. It was all false. Counters Kay:
Scared? Because the cannabis industry purposely make them to look just like the popular commercial candy brands and kids easily mistake them and gobble them down and end up in the ER. An adult product should look like an adult product, made to be used like an adult product and marketed ONLY to adults. The industry has failed. Failed on almost every front because of their sleazy sales and marketing and completely UNETHICAL practices.
Wonders Amber:  What person is giving away free drugs? That’s what I always wanted to know… ‍♀️ What do you think of the Halloween stories about poisoned candy? Kids being given edibles? Post a comment or proportion your thoughts at [email protected]
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