Renewing Car Insurance Policies – Do’s and Don’ts

Having an adequate car insurance cover for your means has become extremely imperative while driving on todays accident-inclined, high traffic roads and dealing with uncertain conditions almost every day. Car insurance cover relieves your mind of the financial tension at the minimum, takes your mind off the continuous worry of the expense that may occur from any unintentional damage occurred. So, one must be consciously aware of the car insurance term at any given point of time lest it expires and you are caught off guard with an unwarranted situation, only to find out that your car insurance is due for renewal.

While the mandatory renewal of car insurance every year may seem like a boring and rather monotonous procedure but it is basic to get it done on time in an appropriate manner. additionally, it is important to consider certain aspects in mind while renewing your car insurance policy; there are some dos and donts that can go a long way in helping you to have your car insurance renewal done in an informed manner. Lets have a quick at some of these points and help to smoothen out the time of action for you and also help in going for comparatively cheap car insurance, at best price with the best sets.

Dos – Get it right

1. Comparison among policies- The first and foremost thing to consider while renewing the car insurance policy is the fact that there is a wide variety of insurance covers in the market to choose from with absolutely no compulsion to continue with the same policy taken. In case you experience certain inadequacies in the interim of one year of the policy or you may wish to upgrade your policy as per the changing demands, then, you always have the option of switching to a new one. Before that, it is basic to take observe of the varied policies obtainable in the market and make a thorough comparative examination.

2. Accurate Details in the Form- While filling up the form for car insurance renewal, it is utmost important to fill inaccurate details about your car and to the best of your knowledge so as to get a appropriate policy by the company. consequently, it is advised to fill up the form in a relaxed state and on your own as you know your requirements better than any company agent.

3. Policy Record- Once you have renewed the policy, make sure to fill a copy in a file and keep it with for the record or if its a soft copy, then save it with you on a hard excursion so as to not lose it. Its important to continue a proper record as it gives all information required at any point and leaves no room for any confusion when it comes to availing the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) or any other future claim.

4. Add on Covers- Before taking up any policy, it is vital to take observe of all the add-on covers and go by them at length so as to choose wisely the ones that suit your needs instead of blindly going for everything and end up paying a huge amount unnecessarily.

5. Registration Certificate (RC)- While renewing your policy, also ensure that your RC is updated with your present address, name and other details. Also, see to it that the means specifications are accurate and the details mentioned on the RC are in sync with the policy details.

Donts – Not to Mess Up

1. No blank columns in the form- Do ensure that you end up leaving no columns in the form blank or unanswered that may impact your policy renewal in an negative way. Instead, one must provide all possible information, just to be sure to be taking the right help from the insurance company.

2. Not to miss timeline for renewal- Keeping in mind the expiry of the car insurance plan is basic not just from the perspective of any damage occurring in the interim when you are uncovered but also for saving up on the late renewal charges if any by the company. additionally, it gives one time to think and then act instead of being in a hurry to insure with the first plan that comes your way.

3. No Incorrect Declarations- One must never make any incorrect declaration or give any wrong calculate to the car insurance company, deliberately, as that can end up in getting you the wrong cover. Tell them precisely what your requirements are, what the car condition and car value estimation is and your future claims will keep uninterrupted.

4. Not to forget about the move of name- In case of acquiring a pre-owned means, make sure to have the policy transferred in your name and do not have it renewed in the past owners name itself by any chance.

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