Sehwag Did it

Sehwag Did it

Virendar Sehwag, the Indian Cricketer who is on bad patch and form has attained some confidence and touched the ball with the bat for more time than other players. Indian cricket fans was blasting BCCI for his inclusion in the team for Cricket world cup 2007, but to prove the point of Indian fans Sehwag failed to deliver in the first match against Bangladesh which produced more pressure on him to perform in the game to stay with the team.

Virender Sehwag entered into a game which might be a Do or Die situation today against Bermuda. It was the first direct clash for Bermuda against India and Bermuda started the game with a wicket on first over. Robin Uthappa, the close contestant for Virender Sehwag failed to deliver however another time.

But Sehwag stood like a wall on the ground and started to deliver the balls to boundaries. After a long period of time it was a treat for all the eyes of Indian fans who believed Sehwag will bounce back again like Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly anchored the other side and runs followed.

Sehwag took a hundred in his arms after a period of one year in international game. This will raise the confidence level of Sehwag and can make him to bring his form back. But The game is against Bermuda which is in its first cricket world cup. Bermuda’s fielding is an average but there were extraordinary catches by some players. So The runs which was gathered here against Bermuda might raise the confidence level of Indian team players especially for sehwag. But the real test for Sehwag will be against Sri Lanka which is another Asian giant in cricket. The Sri Lankan team strength and Indian team strength are equal and the real test for Sehwag begins.

If Sehwag performs against Sri Lanka, it will be a re birth of a phoenix inside Shewag. If he fails to deliver it might be the last match for his career.

From Queens Park Albert Arul Prakash

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