Solar Panel Uses & Impact on the Domestic part

Solar Panel Uses & Impact on the Domestic part

Solar panels have produced a huge change in energy productions. Now solar energy production does not need any introduction. And almost everyone knows about it. India is also moving forward to solar energy production. Solar companies in India are focusing more on industrial in addition as domestic part too. There are so many solar products obtainable in the market specially design for domestic use like solar heater, strength inverters, battery chargers, lamps etc.

Many global companies see have said that the need for solar panels is increasing day by day and different government including India is trying to make it more easily obtainable. It is very interesting that already ordinary citizens have been increasingly interested in this. We all know that the fossil fuels will be end in next two or three decades that is why we need to be more focus on solar strength production systems

Many countries are planting huge size solar panels for generating high voltage electricity one of them are Tengger Desert Solar Park Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park are great examples of it.

Important factors-

The Price of the grids- the Indian market price of solar panel installation of on crystalline starts from 42/wp (in) to 50/wp (in Rs). it is all depends on the efficiency range of the solar panel same as applies to polycrystalline panels. Those who does not the difference then let us tell you, that Monocrystalline is made of single silicon crystal while Multi-crystalline PV is made up of multiple crystals. A monocrystalline is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multi-crystalline PV. consequently the space required for the same amount of wattage is less in monocrystalline PV panel. consequently it is costlier than a Multi-crystalline PV. The modules obtainable in India are mostly “Polycrystalline”. Govt. of India is also trying to reduce the price of thermal panels so that it would be more affordable to a shared man.

reduce electricity bills – grid-connected system, off-grid system- If you are living in an area where strength cuts are less frequent and you want to implement solar PV system to reduce your electricity bill then the best solution would be to go for a grid-connected solar PV system It will cost you anywhere between 50,000-70,000 per kWp (cost varies based on the kind of inverter and panels you choose).

If you are living in an area where there are frequent strength cuts, then the best solution for you would be to go for an Off Grid Solar PV system will include batteries, which are an expensive part of the system and these would need substitute every few years (4-7 years). A typical Off Grid Solar PV System would cost about Rs 1 lakh.

Environmental friendly – While many people are switching to sustainable energy resources the solar thermal energy is leading the globe to pollution-free energy production.Such benefits like low-cost installation and reducement of the electricity bills one can also not ignore the benefits which got from solar strength consumption.

The oil refineries plants, the refining course of action is a chemical course of action by which many impurities like carbon dioxide and methane mix with the air and pollutes it. We can say that our traditional energy supplies are leading contributors to the global warming and decreased air quality but granting electricity by solar thermal plants produces no pollution to air and gives a pollution-free electricity.

Do not require high maintenance- solar panels do not need high maintenance the important thing is that u have to be careful when you install the system in your area whether on your roof or in your garden. Take specialized’s help to install the panel system. But we all know that u have to clean the panels, it is an important part of maintenance. You can rinse the dust with standard garden hose or soft sponge will work too. If the panels are installed on the high roof, it may be best to ask for a specialized cleaner.

Unlimited energy resource – as we all know that the sun is the main source of energy, and yes it is free and always obtainable we just don’t need to worry about the source, but the main concern of our scientists is to use more and more of it. The energy we produce from the sunlight is just 1% of what we get every second.

When sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms. When the electrons start flowing from cells they generate electricity. The inverts stores

As we all know that the solar industry is growing very fast we nevertheless need more output from these devices we use. The path ahead for the solar industry is certainly complicate. But the industry is progressing everybody is trying to get best results from it.

We believe that there are tremendous opportunities in this field and we all know that it’s the right time to focus on solar strength production.

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