Specialist Lenders Reaching Out In Australia

Non-conforming lenders are specialist finance providers that help borrowers who fall outside of mainstream lenders’ approval criteria to get a mortgage. With about 10 per cent of all borrowers falling into this category, a large number of Australians are no longer missing out on a home loan.

You don’t need to have committed a heinous crime to be snubbed by mainstream lenders. Often your occupation or employment conditions will be enough to send them warning signals or preclude you from meeting their strict lending criteria. If you are self-employed, over-55, don’t have a place, have a poor credit history and or are in casual or contract employment, then you are maybe a

‘non-conforming’ borrower.

Borrowers typically only need such a loan for a comparatively short period of time to tide them over until they can enhance or establish their credit rating and qualify for a regular loan.

Non-conforming loans may include conditions such as strict repayment terms or additional financial monitoring.

Typical additional costs include:

o higher interest rates and fees

o lower borrowing limits

o restrictions on the use of funds

o without of additional features

o high exit fees

o stricter repayment conditions, and

o possible additional financial monitoring

Mrs. Mortgage…

Mrs. Mortgage is a mortgage broker firm operating in Melbourne, with resources able to stretch around Australia.

Mrs. Mortgage is headed by the original “Mrs. Mortgage” Jennifer Schelbert. Jennifer has been working in the mortgage broking industry for years, and deciding that the industry needed a highly ethical company that could cater to the personalised needs of the individual, decided to go out on her own.

Today Jennifer holds a Diploma in Financial sets (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management), and has contacts with dozens of different lenders to get the best deal for you.

Today Mrs. Mortgage is a growing firm that has more than one “Mrs. Mortgage” working for it. As the company continues to grow, it nevertheless holds true to its chief values of high ethics, while working for the client in the best possible manner. This method that when you come to see us we will not just put you into the mortgage that will make the best commission for us, but the one that will suit you the best.

This may already average that we might send you back to your existing lender with no commission for us!

At Mrs. Mortgage we realise that very often people may wish to see us for advice on how to buy their first home or investment character. If this is the case we will not push you into a contract until you are ready. Our service to you is free, but other fees may apply.

So call Mrs. Mortgage, talk to me, and find out how we can help you.

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