Stretch and Massage Your Penis Daily For a Bigger Penis – A Simple Routine to Follow

Stretch and Massage Your Penis Daily For a Bigger Penis – A Simple Routine to Follow

By stretching and massaging your penis daily, for only 15 to 20 minutes a day, you will slowly start to see an increase in the size of the penis. That’s shared sense and the reasons for this are to be explained right now. First things first, massaging the penis and a penile exercise routine is not masturbation and I will tell you why. Masturbation is the motion and stimulation of the penis with the goal of ejaculation and/or pleasure.

Massaging the penis has nothing to do with the emotional attachment or the goal of ejaculation. Massaging the penis is considered an exercise routine and will be part of your daily regiment and the goal will be to have a larger unit. Any ejaculation and lovemaking comes later on with an improved method for sexual-intercourse and this is all possible, with a larger penis. Give this time and commitment and within a few months or sooner, you will have a bigger, ‘little soldier’. Let’s start by explaining the exercise itself and start you on your way to a larger penis.

Stretching and Massaging Penis Daily

Proper grip and great lubricants are necessary for this penis exercises that is to be completed every day, five days a week, for 15 to 20 minutes daily. There are steps and hand locaiongs that should be followed in order to get the most bang out of your buck and time and the eventual larger penis goal. This exercise for the penis is a variation of the popular ‘Jelqing’ penile exercise routine. Since every man is different and every man’s penis is individual and rare to that man’s anatomy, so will the penis exercise demonstrated right here.

In order for an exercise to be advantageous, especially in something as important and complicated as penis enlargement, it must first be comfortable and nonabrasive. A great way to make certain that these exercises are within reach for you is to make a trial run and grasp your penis firmly with either hand. The rest is up to you and the end consequence is just to make sure that there are all-agreeable circumstances

Lubricant Is Very Important during the Daily Penis Exercises

There is no need to pitch any kind of lubricant out there since there are literally hundreds of fine and very high-quality lubricants on the market today. The basic rule here is that it is a non-irritating lubricant that can be heated up and then easily removed, fragrance optional. Once the physicality of the exercise motions are approved for massage and the lubricant is secured, it is time to have the initial trial run of the penis exercise routine. The only factor that should be recalled when exercising the penis area for the goal of increased in size and girth is that there is no need to make contact with the head (tip) area. This is an area that is extremely fragile and believe it or not, is the most important part of a male’s penis during sexual intercourse. This is not the part that is going to be increased or swollen or enlarged as what you have there, is what will keep there. Leave it alone.

By massaging the shaft only of the penis and doing this with both hands alternating, you will ‘convince’, for without of a better information, your penis into believing that it is normal to be a little longer and a little wider. That’s what these penis massages are all about, repetition and realignment of the human anatomy, and convincing.

Practice this routine 15 to 20 minutes a day for five-days a week for the first month and then see what you come up with. As with any exercise if there is any side effects such as cramping, or abrasions appearing, or just a general feeling of negativity, stop this exercise closest and we will try something else.

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