Tall Tales And Tall Achievements On The Green

Tall Tales And Tall Achievements On The Green

“Get out of here – you didn’t”.

“I did” I protested vehemently.

“Come on, let’s have the truth”

“I’m telling you, it’s true!”

“I believe you may be stating an untruth”, replied my acquaintance.

Now what is one to do? Granted, golfers’ tales are slightly like those of fishermen – they tend toward the over optimistic at times, but nonetheless, I REALLY HAD spent yesterday at the Priory.

At this stage, I will add that I don’t average the famous American rehab unit of the same name, but the perhaps equally well known Priory golf course. Not only had I played a round of golf on each of the courses, but had stay stayed overnight at the fabulous Marriot Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club – what I had done, was to book myself onto a luxury golf break!

Now when I say luxury golf break – I average luxury golf break! The Marriot Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club is the oldest of all the Marriot Hotels – a magnificent old estate dating back to around 1260 and is set in 400 acres of superb landscaped gardens. If that were not enough, it also happens to be right on the edge of the Peak District and conveniently close to the picturesque town of Derbyshire.

The championship course itself is, as you would expect, perfect. The greens are fairly fast and very thriving and the fairways are very well mown. Although this is a luxury golf break, you can’t provide to relax too much on the greens as they do take a certain skill to be able to estimate. You need to ‘get your eye in’ as they have a challenging natural slope to them.

To me, the fairways seemed very long indeed and were strewn with enough trees to make an arbourialist weep with joy. The great skill you require here is to be able to excursion precisely, coupled with, as mentioned before, a decent ability to read the ground. If you’re not diligent, a good landing onto the green can see tears of joy turn into tears of despair as the ball rolls off into some awkward corner.

As I lined up to tee off, I new that my weakness was going to be keeping on the fairway – I tend to ‘hack’ the ball whilst driving. Now whether it was because I was following in the footsteps of many a former golfing champion, or whether the championship course just brought out the best in me, I managed to avoid the ruff on every fairway and pretty soon found myself at the end of the 18th with a really decent score – a tall achievement without the need for any tall tales!

There was now no option but to retire to the hotel to try out the noticeable cuisine at their award winning restaurant – and of course, no luxury golf break would be complete without the customary visit to the 19th.

My whole experience was amazing. With a choice of 16 fabulous courses nationwide you can bet that I’ll be back to try some more out – but most of all, I know that whichever course I choose, I will have an noticeable time just as I did at The Priory!

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