The Amazing Secrets of Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing, an interesting experiment to conduct for all you interested in the paranormal. It is based around the time of action known in medium circles as transfiguration. This is where the faces of spirits can appear over the human confront.

In the activity of mirror gazing you presumably see these spirit faces over your own confront as you gaze into a mirror.

I am told, to carry out this course of action it is a good idea to ask for help from spirit evoking love and light. A simple prayer for protection, a few choice words that you can create yourself incorporating help and safety from spirits with the emphasis on love and light. You can call upon a loved one in spirit or your spiritual guides, those who protect and stand with us during our mortal life here on earth. A simple idea of the sort of prayer would be asking for the Divine forces of light to guard and protect from all that is not of the light and you perform this course of action with the highest of spiritual good.

To perform mirror gazing you sit in front of a mirror in a darkened room. I have seen this performed in candle light; two candles placed a distance behind the person performing the mirror gaze.

The idea is to start by gazing into your own eyes, reflected back to you. ultimately your eyes will soften their focus, allow this to happen and try and continue this soft focus. You should attempt a state of relaxation and let your mind empty of thoughts.

If you feel that your mind starts to wander and you begin to think of all things you nevertheless have to do and the other things you must do then begin to focus on your breathing. Be aware of the air you take in and then release, breathe in and breathe out being aware of the time of action. Remember this can help to empty your mind of mundane thoughts if you feel yourself slipping out of a receptive state of being. Keeping and being relaxed is the meaningful to this course of action. seemingly being relaxed heightens your spirit vibration.

It is a case of just observing what happens. You will begin to see something; the important thing is to keep in that relaxed and receptive state of being. Remember concentrate on your breathing if you slip out of receptivity. You will see other faces that will appear over your own. If the faces make you feel uncomfortable ask your guide to bring by only pleasant images. Remember it was you who requested just love and light and for Divine forces of light to protect you. You asked for protection and your guides and loved ones will comply.

You can already do this between people and see what images occur between you both. For it is likely that already just looking to the side of each others confront will bring about images and transfiguration.

Once completed, you are supposed to thank those you called upon to protect you before closing down the session. That is the time of action of mirror gazing or transfiguration.

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