The Benefits of the Door Hanger Bag

Whether we live in a mansion or an apartment block we all need more space, especially for storage, and that’s why door hanger bags were invented. No need to buy another cabinet to hide in the closet when you can hang a bag on your closet door which is far more inexpensive than the new cabinet.

Back in the early to mid nineteen hundreds the only closet in the house or apartment was the coat closet in the front hall, and bedrooms did not have any form of clothes closet.

A large hook was screwed into the wood door and dresses, coats, and robes were hung on the door. Smaller items such as pants, shirts and personal apparel was neatly folded and placed in a dresser drawer. There was less apparel to store back then.

Today we have become collectors of unwanted things. Most of us store things because someone may need them someday. Sometimes more space is justified. Large families always need more space.

Door hanger bags are best used on normal kind doors rather the bi-fold or tri-fold doors They can be used for storage on the inside of the door for functional purposes or outside for aesthetics.

These handy storage units can take the place of a toy chest, to end the need of such a space hog, and to protect the safety of the child that likes to hide in the toy chest. They can already be used in the workshop or the garage for small things that would typically get lost.

There are many places inside and outside in which to hang them, and many uses for handy door hanger bags.

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