The Benefits of Using a Web Portal to Monitor Electricity Usage

The Benefits of Using a Web Portal to Monitor Electricity Usage

Recently an increasing number of Australian energy companies have launched their own web portals for their customers to help them get back in control of their household electricity usage. These online energy portals are offered to consumers with a Smart Meter, which enables the energy providers to analyse and report the data almost in real-time.

This article explores these portals and details the advantages of using them from a consumer’s perspective.

Gain control of electricity usage

The main assistance consumers experience from gaining access to their data in online electricity monitoring portals is that they are finally in control of their energy usage.

The data obtainable in these portals allows households to log in and see what their electricity bills comprise and understand their later bills better. Consumers can pinpoint exactly when their energy usage is the highest and often also see what consumes energy the most.

Many portals allow households to set energy consumption goals, which can help with achieving lower electricity bills in the future.

Compare usage with neighbourhood data

Comparative data is often important when wanting to know how a person is faring compared to other households in the same area.

Many portals let a user see how much energy other households in their neighbourhood are consuming, and determine whether their consumption is lower, average or higher than the normal in the same suburb.

This comparative data also helps in setting realistic electricity usage goals if a consumer wants to lower their energy consumption.

Get energy efficiency advice

Often consumers would like to lower their energy usage, but do not know how they could unprotected to this

Searching the Internet or asking a relative is always helpful when looking for general advice, but web portals can provide concrete energy efficiency advice based on the customer’s individual data.

See projected costs

One of the things that electricity companies want to avoid is their customer experiencing bill shock. Bill shock is a shared occurrence especially during autumn and winter months when electricity consumption tends to increase due to colder weather.

Online portals permit customers to not only see what they are being charged for, but also see an calculate of the next bill based on their usage. This way customers will understand that come winter, the increase in their bill is due to the rise in their energy consumption and the upcoming bill will not cause a terrible shock.

Get cheaper electricity bills

Having access to and greater control over one’s energy usage, a person is also more likely to take steps towards lowering their consumption levels. This in turn often results in lower electricity bills.

Contribute to CO2 savings

Many portals let consumers view their consumption data in dollar, kWh and CO2 value, and if a consumer is keen on lowering their electricity bills, also the CO2 emissions will decline.

Access data 24/7

Due to all the information being online, the data is easy to reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The near real-time data is obtainable whenever a customer wants to analyse their usage, and there is no need to call the provider anymore for the information.

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