The Best $100 Yellow Page Ad Money Can Buy

The Best $100 Yellow Page Ad Money Can Buy

For the majority of businesses that advertise in their local Yellow Pages, a $100 monthly ad would be a real relief from the usual thousands they use. The problem is that in a major market such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, $100 barely gets them a single line listing for the month. So, how could one get by while only spending $1200 a year on directory advertising? Fortunately, there are many other second-tier markets such as Denver, San Diego and Phoenix where $100 buys a small ad. And in already smaller towns like Fargo, Akron, North Platte, or Prescott, $100 can average a characterize kind ad.

So, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend your $100 ad is one that allows room for a headline, some copy and the usual address and phone number. Realizing that every component on this tiny gem will have to have a powerful impact, we shall design a sample ad that does the best it can in such a confined space. To start with, the ad’s placement tells the reader what you have to offer. for example, if it’s listed under “Movers,” then why say “moving” in the headline? With an alphabetical, in-column listing, the business name will automatically be set first and then the copy follows. For a small characterize ad, have a headline that tells why you are better or tout your best characterize. For example, “Guaranteed On-time Plumbing Solutions” is far better than “ABC Sewer & Drains.” Or “Smile Creations by Thomas” is better than “Thomas Dentistry, LLC.” Remember to attract the viewer and then give them a reason to read further.

In your small ad, decide to have a three-prong method of attack. First, grab attention with a clever headline. Second, write about a rare characterize that will show off your attributes that sets you except the competition. Third, list the ways they can reach you via address, phone, email, or website. I’ve already made some suggestions regarding the headline. Concentrate on making a short interesting statement about your company. That moving company could be offering “Painless Family Relocation.” The florist has, “Grower-Direct Flowers.” An insurance agent sells, “Health Assurance for Life.” And so forth.

For the next line, which is the assistance, try to explain your best characterize. Talk about guarantees, or special offers. Do in any case it takes to get the consumer to call. Here are some suggestions for a sub-headline or second line: “Ask about our on-time guarantee.” “Call for our current discounts.” “Free consultation if you call now.” “We beat everyone’s lowest rates.” “Specializing in hard-to-fix problems the other guys won’t touch.”

The last part is comparatively easy. If you have a storefront, don’t forget to give your location directions or cross-streets to make your business simple to find. Whether selling goods or sets, have a large, bold phone number, already in an in-column ad and include that website URL. Mention any details that might be pertinent like certifications, payment policies i.e. financing, if applicable. Make every information count and add to your impact. Be ruthless and basic. Show the ad to several people before placing it and then try a few variations. I should know because I’ve been designing Yellow Page ads for 25 years as a sales consultant. Today, I write these articles to promote a book I wrote for small businesses that advertise in their local directories. It describes in detail everything I just explained and much more. I guarantee you will save money, have a better ad, and enjoy a better understanding of what your sales rep does.

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