The Best Tips on How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Pay Less Every Month

The Best Tips on How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Pay Less Every Month

There are a few steps you can take in order to cut your electricity bill and pay less every month. The less we use on electricity, the more money we have obtainable to use in things we need more such as our kid’s school, the car loan, the house mortgage, or just for a nice gift you want to buy to your wife or girlfriend.

I am going to list here a few things very simple and easy to do so you can cut down the cost of your monthly electricity bill:

-Every Little Drop Helps: Let’s say you are in your room and you want to have lunch with your family in the dining room. Take a look around your room and switch off all the electrical devices already if you are going to be back soon. Every little piece of time we can have al electrical appliance or a light bulb off, helps a lot in our quest to cut down and save as much as possible in the cost of the electricity bill.

-Switch Off Electrical and Electronic Appliances: When you leave the room you are in, please make sure you switch off all the electronic appliances (switch off the television set, turn off the fan, the computer, the cd player, etc…)

But you should also make sure to switch off the light bulb or the lamp of the room you are leaving. Remember again: Everything counts!!!

-Smart bulb substitute: One of the best and smartest investments you can make is replacing all the incandescent bulbs of your house with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). These bulbs are one of the biggest strength-saver investments you can make.

-Avoid strength Wasters: The electricity bill cost is not directly proportional to the number of electrical appliances and gadgets we use, but THE WAY WE USE THEM.

Follow these simple tricks in order to avoid strength wasters:

– Switch off the monitor of your computer, already if you take one minute coffee break.

It will only take you one second to turn it on again, and you will be saving electricity.

– Keep the air conditioner at the minimum(high or low temperature, depending if it is summer or winter) in order to keep you off the cold or the heat outside your home.

– Use the washing machine only when you have a complete load of clothes to wash.

If you follow these simple tricks you will be reducing the electricity bill, and at the same time you will be helping the world save strength for the future generations.

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