The Best YouTube Marketing Strategies

The Best YouTube Marketing Strategies

If you want to learn about YouTube marketing, then you are going to want to read this article. Specifically we will be discussing the length of your video, how to keep your viewers interested, and how to get your videos found. After reading this article you will know how to reach your audience and get them excited to go to your site.


It’s crucial to do your research before you already turn on your screen recording software, camera, or any other video recording device. Doing simple keyword research is quite important for a few reasons. It helps your video get found when you use proper keywords in your titles, tags, and implemented in the description of your video. Google and YouTube rely on these keywords to understand what your video is about and how it should be found in the search engines. It helps you to understand how people search for content. By taking some time to do keyword research you will see how many different ways you can search for the same thing. It helps give you ideas of what else to talk about. Every time I do keyword research I find many other subjects to talk about that I didn’t already think about prior to doing the keyword research.

Keep the Video Short

You may have a lot of great information that you are just dying to give people. And by all method go for it; but not on YouTube. YouTube is where people want to get a little bite of information. With loads of information everywhere, it’s hard to keep peoples attention for too long. Make sure you videos are short and to the point. If viewers want more, give it to them on your website. Additionally if your videos are short, and you have a lot of information you can chop up a lot of information into a lot of little bits and have more content overall.

Give Them a Reason to Stay

Viewers need a reason to stay. The first 8-12 seconds are crucial. If you don’t have a powerful reason for a viewer to stick around they will leave. It isn’t hard to keep watching either; this can be achieved by simply telling the viewer the assistance of watching the video. Simply state:

In this video you will learn, see, find… and then explain the assistance.

By doing this it keeps viewers engaged and also helps establish trust. You also get happy viewers that will comment, subscribe, and pass the video around throughout the internet. YouTube videos are very easy to proportion and can be easily put in pretty much any website online.

YouTube marketing can be one of your best marketing strategies in your online arsenal. But remember to do your research, keep it short, and give them a reason to stay. Doing this will ensure you get super target traffic to your videos, channel, and website.

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