The Destruction Done By The USA Termites

The USA termites threaten our similarities as they march in and start feeding on our wood structures. We cannot stop the growth of the termites since they have two shared needs, on is to copy and the other is to satisfy. Like most insects, these are bothersome, but more so than the ant. Ante will not steal our homes from us as the USA termites do, when you least expect it.

Various states have different types of USA termites. You may see the subterranean termite, the drywood termite and the dampwood termite. These termites are then grouped in two groups, the wood termites and the ground termites. The wood termites live in woods and the ground termites live underground.

The USA termites are destructive. The subterranean termites tunnel under the soil and build nests for the rest of the colony. The underground termites have larger colonies than the wood termites. The most destructive of these two groups are the ground termites. They hide and go undetected for years.

The USA termites are a homeowner’s nightmare. The wood termites, which are the drywood and the dampwood, live in wood, usually dead wood, so these colonies are smaller than the underground termites. They satisfy and fertilize the soil as they turn the dead wood and plant debris into humus.

When you see termite activity or think you see termites, your home is in desperate need of specialized help. These termites can find the smallest crack, floor fractures and joint expansion areas that provide entrance to your home. Your home should always be checked for these types of entryways. The foundation of your house could be under attack.

Because these termites cost billions of dollars in damage a year for the homeowners, we need to inspect our homes to make sure we have no USA termite activity. If you have or speculate you have termites, you need to contact a specialized for follow up examination and possible treatments.

Never take on this project yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. You need the proper gear, chemicals and reading materials. If you feel comfortable doing the job, talk to your local hardware store clerk and find the right termite pesticide, not ant pesticides. Ant pesticides will not kill the termites as the termite pesticides will not kill the ants. You need the proper pesticide to do the job.

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