The meaningful Denominator to All Successful Marketers & How You Can Use This Simple Technique Now

The meaningful Denominator to All Successful Marketers & How You Can Use This Simple Technique Now

Purpose : This document is designed to educate you on the difference between succeeding quickly and easily, while others continue to struggle. If you feel that you’re in the time of action of achieving your desired results, then you probably know this concept already. However, if you feel like you’re struggling to win, then you MUST read every single line of this article. Don’t skim or you’ll miss “The Boat.”

As you read the pages in this newsletter, I want you to mirror these idea’s onto your self. by self realization, you’ll come to recognize what’s working in your business, and what’s not. Once you learn to conquer fears in certain area’s of your mind, actions & personal understanding, you’ll also grow incredibly strong and knowledgeable enough to help others on your team who may encounter similar challenges which you’ve experienced in the past.

Only by your own personal growth, can you educate and HELP OTHERS to do the same. Winning in the network marketing field is a TEAM effort, not a Lone Ranger TV show. ( truly, already the Lone Ranger had Tonto )

Have you ever scene someone walk up onto a network marketing stage, and talk about their success as you become captivated in their story? Have you ever gone onto a conference call, listened to the speaker, then hung up the phone when it was over thinking…”OMG! Wow! That was such a POWERFUL talk!”

Have you noticed how other people react to someone who can send their message POWERFULLY to an audience whether it be over the phone, TV, or LIVE in person? What is it about successful people that make them successful?

Why do so many people flock to them naturally, while others can’t seem to figure out why they can spendthousands of dollars on advertising, however can’t sign up a single person into their business. Well, there’s clearly a thousand answers to that question, but there’s also ONE, MAIN, meaningful INGREDIENT, WHICH ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE HAVE IN shared, no matter what the business, no matter what the occupation, no matter what they do or where they go, and they ALWAYS take it with them, they make it a part of them.

Do you know what that “something” is? If you think it’s The Money, you better get that garbage out of your head before it destroys your future. Please remember, ALL winners, started at the bottom, and 99% of today’s multi millionaires began building their fortunes when they had no money and were in dept in the hundreds of thousands, or already millions of dollars.

Do you think it’s looks? Personally, I use to think you had to be super sharp & good looking to become successful. however when I use to go to my network marketing rally’s I’d see that most of the people who spoke on stage were either : Not so good looking Overweight Looked like they hadn’t slept in weeks Looked like they had cheap suits on It use to boggle my mind as to why they were crossing stage talking about how they made over 50k a month while I was working at it for nearly 8 years and didn’t already have 2 people in my down line to show for it.

( Yes, I use to be pretty screwed up in the head for a while, and I believe it took me SO LONG to figure it out so that you can learn faster by my personal screw ups, READ ON! )

Do you think it’s connections? “Well he knows this guy and that guy! And those leaders had all these other members in their groups and put Distributor X in the middle so of course he’s going to get a big chunk of change from all those down lines!” That may be true in some situations, but remember, distributor x must have had something special about him to be given the opportunity to be slotted in that top income position. So, have you figured out what that “something” is?

If not, allow me to be upfront, direct, and to the point with you. Once I tell you this, DON’T YOU DARE, EVER, FORGET IT. To forget, is to suffer the consequence of a life of failure, misery, disappointment, living second class at best compared to the real abundance, wealth, and self pride you deserve to experience in your life.

Glue your eyes to the next line, and decide once and for all that you’re going to LIVE, BY THIS STANDARD, AND NOTHING LESS. All, Successful People, Live Their Lives by A LEADERS Mind Set & Character

Think about it. Take a moment to mirror on all the people that you know, that you’ve heard about, who win at the game of NetWork Marketing. Think about all the people you know or heard of who CONSISTENTLY generate over 6 figures a year OR MORE in the networking field.

Think about their personalities, the way they talk, the way they deliver their message to their team members, and ask your self…. – Do they usually sound powerful and certain, or scared and unsure. – Do they sound like they know what they’re doing and where they’re going, or do they sound like they walk around with a blind mans cane – Do they sound confident, already when things aren’t going right, or do they complain about how things are regularly going wrong. REALLY STOP, AND THINK, ABOUT THIS STATEMENT. Then ask your self…. How do you compare.

What do you say or think, when things aren’t going right in your business and your life. Do you complain? Do you feel like you’re always at a dead end? Or do you focus on How To Make Things Better the way you BELIEVE it should be. How do you speak to your prospects when you’re on the phone with them. Do you sound CERTAIN? Confident? Do you believe in what you’re saying? Or are you half hearted, uncertain, unsure. Do you carry that feeling of weakness in your voice when speaking to your possible distributors.

Bottom Line : In any situation where it involves people following the beat of another persons drum, by universal law, people only follow others who are CERTAIN in their own beliefs of : who they are, and where they want to go in life. Period. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

By human character, people are designed to follow the strongest person in the pack. This concept dates back to the early days of the cave man and nevertheless lives within our mental circuitry today. This is the reason why, if you dump 20 people into a room together when none of them know each other, one person will pop up from the crowd and rule them towards a specific direction, while the rest just follow. This is why top income earners get hounded after they do a speech for their network marketing company.

This is why some people are hunted by the masses to get into their networking marketing company, while most people continue to CHASE their prospects day in day out, only to get tired of the poor outcome which is associated to chasing anyone about their business. observe: Chasing is a sign of weakness in the eyes of your prospect, which is why I personally don’t like the idea of chasing anyone, and neither should you.

Your goal, is to ACTIVATE THE ALFA IN YOU. Everyone has it, its just that most people do not exercise that part of their personality enough to utilize it, which is probably the MOST DAMAGING inaction a person can take when working to elevate their results and their lives.

There’s only 3 categories of personalities in our world today. Alfa = Leader Pre Alfa = Leader In Training Beta = Follower

You MUST activate your Alfa personality in order to ATTRACT your future members in your network marketing business.

Here’s a listing of characteristic’s which leaders use ( also known as Alfa Personalities ) * Leaders don’t care about what their friends and families think (criticism.) If you do, then chances are you have a Beta / Follower Personality

* Leaders lean towards possibility and opportunity, and stay away from idea’s of failure and without. They also keep their distance from people who think regularly about failing, and “without”, as leaders can’t provide to have their minds poisoned with negative thoughts.

* Leaders don’t allow negative situations to beat them down. When things aren’t going right, leaders take the time and energy to FIND WAYS to make things better.

* Leaders take pride in their abilities to make things better for them selves and their followers.

* Leaders take calculated risks with their time, effort, and their money. Leaders understand that to NOT take risks is an already GREATER RISK in it’s self, as staying idle and not elevating their education, work load, or company positioning does not attract better quality contacts, better situations, or better results in the time of action of their success and their lives.

* When things aren’t going right, Leaders take responsibility for their own results. They don’t wine and complain about “how these people didn’t do this, and other people didn’t do that.” They don’t use their energy with baby excuses as to why something didn’t work. Instead, Leaders MAKE WAYS of winning in area’s where most people would rather quit. That’s why Leaders get all the glory, the money, the fame, the respect, the lifestyle, the financial security. It’s because they don’t give their strength away to outside resources by complaining about how something doesn’t work. Instead, they focus on them selves, and what they CAN DO to make things better, which is why Leaders have so much strength, it’s because they don’t give their strength away by complaining or focusing on things they can’t personally control.

* Leaders are very respectful of their own time. They don’t give their time away to just anyone who comes around. Instead, they give their time to those who earn it. In your network marketing business, who would you rather use your time with:

Someone who’s always complaining about “how hard everything is?” and “how this just isn’t working?” or would you rather use your time with those who just don’t seem to know how to quit. Those who regularly FIGHT for their ability to win, those who continue to keep getting up when life seems to regularly beat them down. These are the characteristic’s you must learn to use and adopt on a consistent basis in order to ATTRACT the right people, and the right situations into your life.

The great part about all of this information is, if you’ve never acted like this before, the only thing separating you from who you are today, and who you need to become tomorrow, is just one thing. It’s the action, of making a CHOICE. If you’re reading all this material and saying to your self: “Holy Moses! I can’t do all this!? This is too much to do! Too much to remember!” If that be the case, then think this…. Try quitting right now, and fail by out the rest of your life. Then ask your self, how easy is that experience going to be.

Ready to move on? Good…. Now, let’s take the opposite personality. What I’m about to outline for you are the characteristic’s of a Beta / Follower Personality. When it comes to succeeding, this is the personality kind you want to avoid being. The Follower kind Personalities have little to no strength in the area of influence towards other human beings.

observe : When I say “avoid” I’m assuming you’ve been in the industry for some time now, and haven’t had much results in the area of personal, business, or financial growth. If you’re new to the leadership role and new to network marketing, then please mirror on these words and realize you’re meant to BEGIN as a follower, but you’re not meant to STAY as a follower for the duration of your career and your life.

It’s OK to start out like this personality kind, but you must quickly learn to GROW your Alfa character in order to taste the long lasting success you deserve. This is your DO NOT DO List :

* Followers always worry about what everyone else thinks. If you’re concerned about sharing your business opportunity with other people because you’re scared of being rejected, chances are you’re activating your Beta / Follower Personality.

* Followers / Beta’s are always complaining about everything. The work they have to do, the skills they have to learn, the meetings they have to take part in. The NO’s they get from prospects, the MONEY they need to invest.

* Beta personalities are always hoping, praying for a miracle to happen in their life, believing that some way, some how, something magical is going to happen to their business and one day they’re just going to wake up and have 5 – 6 figures a month getting dumped into their bank account.

Don’t take me wrong on this one. It’s GOOD to pray, to hope, to wish for better things in your life. But those emotions CAN NOT be the predominant thoughts and feelings that consistently come over you, or else you’ll end up like 99% of all the other people that hope, wish, and pray for things like the lottery. You’ll end up spending the rest of your life looking back and only wishing that you could have done and risked a little MORE with your self and your ability to unprotected to greater results.

What’s The Best Approach To Becoming A Leader If You’ve Never Taken This Action Before On A Consistent Basis Before Answer : Begin by activating your Pre Alfa personality. Pre Alfa is the beginning stage to becoming a leader in your business and your life. Here’s a set of shared actions a Pre Alfa takes when choosing to grow into their leadership personality.

* They no longer hope and wish that something great will happen, they start to work harder and smarter EXPECTING something better to consequence from their elevated work effort.

* Pre Alfa’s take the time to educate and aim their members and educate them selves in personal development. already if they only have one or two people in their group, they take the time to keep in contact with those members to ensure they’re on track, which helps the members gain the experience and results from the training being shared by the Pre Alfa Leader.

* Their posture on the phone has become more certain, more confident, more authoritative.

* They’ve taken personal responsibility in their rule generation and marketing approaches.

* Their confidence levels seem to continually rise with every event, during both successful, and short term FAILURE moments. If you’re going from a Beta, to an Alfa personality, then expect to begin the time of action by feeling uncomfortable. It’s normal, however extremely powerful. Here’s why… Change for most people including my self is never easy. It takes time and consistent effort to change ( to enhance ones confidence and self abilities to conquer any challenge )

already for my self, it took me… 8 years of continued failure in my own life before I recognized I was focusing on ALL the wrong things to enhance my results. I focused on ALL the OUTSIDE things which I thought would make me successful, but not once did I focus on developing ME during those dark years of my life.

Upon deciding to finally focus on my own personal development, I studied for 4 hours a day minimum for 28 days before I truly got to see some emotional results. When learning how to call leads, I lost over $6,000.00 and over 150 NO’s ( not including the hundreds of people who didn’t pick up their phones ) before I got my first YES and actual sign up / registration.

Bottom Line : It’s NORMAL to temporarily fail. Failure = learning = adjusting the approach = measuring your outcome = increasing your results = learning to do what works = and doing less of what does not work. Here’s how you’ll know if you’re in the stages of Pre Alfa, and on the way to becoming the leader you’re meant to be in your life and network marketing business.

* If every time you get scared to do something new, different, or bigger than what you’ve ever done before, you take small steps towards the action and achievement of the goal. Examples :

* You’re scared to make prospect calls. Instead of just quitting with a rule list of 100 people in front of you, you simply take the action of picking up the phone, and call just one. Then another one tomorrow, then 2 more in the following day. Every day you increase your amount of calls in spite of of outcome while paying attention to what works and what needs to be improved upon.

* You never announce your self on the training calls. Then one day, you decide to just blur out your name already though you’re scared to do so. (Have you ever noticed how GREAT you feel when you’re scared to do something, however you go out and do it anyway?)

* When people tell you “net working is a scam! You’ll never make it!” Instead of your usual response which maybe, emotionally lying on the floor and playing dead, you DECIDE ( The Death Of All Other Options ) to stand up for your self because you realize that NO ONE’S OPINION about your life matters, except YOUR OWN.

The dominant Difference Between Alfa’s, Pre Alfa’s & Beta’s Alfa’s have vision, courage and the willingness to rule themselves by the adversity and challenge. If you can’t first rule your self by any challenges ( Pre Alfa ) then how on earth do you expect to help and rule other people out of their own challenges ( Alfa )

How can you expect other people to follow you if you haven’t 1st learned how to grow and become more powerful within your self ( Follower ) Conclusion : The next year, 2 years, 5 years of your life are going to come no matter what.

Ask your self, what are the uncomfortable decisions you’re willing to make TODAY and tomorrow, that’s going to make you stronger, wiser, tougher, more confident, more experienced, more valuable to the market place today, so that you can finally live the life, the dreams, the hopes and miracles you’ve always wanted and truly deserve to have in your near future to come.

ACTIVATE THE ALFA LEADER IN YOU : It’s the meaningful resource you already have within to help you get everything you want and deserve to experience in your network marketing business and your life.

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