The Pre-Insulated Duct

The foam based pre-insulated duct work is the new revolutionary and inventive different to the traditional sheet metal. This is aided by its exceptional technical and structural characteristics that enhance its use in ductwork of varying dimensions and shapes. It can be installed in offices, hospitals, public buildings, isolation rooms, quarantine rooms, commercial centres, industries, airports, laboratories and hotels among other places. Some of these cutting edge systems comprise of fabrication methods, coupling system and premium performance King span Kool duct panels in addition to a complete line of accessories to generate pre-insulated rectangular HVAC ductwork.

The pre-insulated ducts provide acoustic and thermal benefits in one operation without the need for the traditional metal ducts. It enhances sound absorption and built-in thermal insulation which are brought about by the glass wool duct board hence alleviating the need for further insulation after fabricating the duct. There is a wide range of varying duct boards ideal for use in self-supporting duct systems which are all ready faced on both surfaces.

The external confront of the duct is formed from a surface that is strengthened with an aluminium foil facing, which ensures the duct is air-tight by barring vapor. however, the inner confront of the duct which comes into contact with the airstream has a surface with an aluminium, fabric, glass or mat facing as per the requirements of the duct with regard to its similarities.

The self supporting ducts are easier to assemble in one operation, and bring about an efficient solution with regard to maximum air tightness, acoustic control and thermal insulation. A complete pre-insulated duct is made by cutting and folding exceptional glass wool duct boards according to the required outline. These are made from Smart duct, a composite material with a high density of glass mineral wool that is intended to meet specific requirements with regard to HVAC products. It is obtainable in a standard range which is all ready faced on both surfaces.

Some of the advantages attributable to the pre-insulated duct include; Better fiber network, it is tough and resilient, It is resistance to dust and dirt hence it’s less dusty and less itchy, it has a better control of temperatures, it operates quietly, It is non-corrosive, it does not encourage growth of mould, it has exceptional acoustic similarities, optimal fiber diameter in addition to improving the indoor ecosystem of a building.

It is obtainable in a woven glass fabric form which is a strong fabric hence cannot decay or tear and also in the form of Aluminium glass cloth which brings about excellent tensile strength.

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