The Pros and Cons of Dime Superfectas in Horse Racing

The dime super has become a very popular bet since it was introduced to race tracks. You can find it at many thoroughbred tracks in addition as greyhound tracks. Pat of the allure of this exotic bet is the fact that for just $2.40 you can box four horses or dogs and have a shot at hitting the superfecta.

Back in the days when superfectas were based on a minimum bet of one dollar, hitting the superfecta was usually cause for celebration and meant a big payoff. But one thing that reducing the base bet to just a dime has done is to make it possible for bettors to play many combinations and consequently for many people to hit the payoff.

Gone are the days when a superfecta win could average a six figure payoff. While the term superfecta nevertheless makes many hearts beat faster based on the huge payoffs it once meant, the reality is that the superfecta is now just a mundane bet.

Some tracks have realized this and have kept some supers in the dollar range and others are for sale for one thin dime. They try to break it up so the big plungers nevertheless have a shot at that mortgage payoff super and others can feel like a big deal by hitting the dime super and collecting a average payoff.

I don’t know what, if anything, this has done for race track handles, but I know that for me and some others I know who used to relish those opportunities when we found a few meaningful horses at long odds to meaningful in a superfecta, it has meant that playing the super has los some of the charm and possibilities for a big payoff.

While I respect the race track’s decision to open up the superfecta for the casual players, I hope they will remember that big payoffs average big publicity and will keep the public coming back for more. They need some bets that offer the opportunity to pay off the mortgage with one big score.

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