Thursday’s harsh storms may bring slight heat relief

Thursday’s harsh storms may bring slight heat relief

St. Louis Weather:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Wednesday was another day of extreme heat across the St. Louis vicinity. Top temps in many spots got to near 100 again today. I bet your car thermometer got there this afternoon.

The question all week has been the chance of a pattern change and some heat relief. There is a cold front that is slowly working our way. It’s ineffective and doesn’t have a lot of energy for cooling rains or winds. There is enough of a shift in the air that our temperatures will drop out of the danger range.

St. Louis radar: See a map of current weather here

We may get some storms Thursday night. Some of the storms may become strong to harsh across the state of Missouri. The dominant threats are damaging winds and hail.

More heat is ready to build next week.

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