Top Reasons Why Windows Reseller Hosting Plans Sell

Top Reasons Why Windows Reseller Hosting Plans Sell

As hosting plans have evolved to new levels of competitiveness, so also reseller hosting is making giant advances. The term ‘reseller hosting’ may seem a little ambiguous. But, it basically method that a reseller buys a web hosting package from a merchant and sells this independently. The seller makes a profit from the discount that the merchant offers. As the number of customers increases, the reseller will be able to make larger profit margins. Many merchants offer commission when sellers refer customers to the merchant.

Windows reseller hosting plans are basically the resale of windows based hosting plans. Both Linux and Windows are equal players in the web-hosting arena. But, windows reseller hosting plans have some definite advantages, which makes it a popular choice among many customers. Here are some of the reasons why many customers switch over to windows reseller hosting plans.

Powerful, user-friendly tools: Windows, from the time of its inception, has always valued customer friendliness above all else. consequently, a Windows platform is very easy to use, with customer friendly options and tools. Besides, a windows reseller hosting plan also gives you access to ASP.Net, which is a very powerful tool when it comes to developing web based applications. With ASP.Net, you will also be able to use popular content management systems like DotNetNuke. It is true that ASP scripting runs on UNIX platforms, but you would nevertheless not have complete access to all the powerful features of ASP.Net as this has been developed for complete Windows compatibility. however, you can run applications written in other languages. So, you nevertheless have access to Php and MySql, if you need them.

Associated tools: Windows reseller hosting plans gives you access to a number of products like ActiveSync and SharePoint. These tools help you consolidate your marketing position and bring in huge, recurrent dividends, in the long run. Windows reseller hosting plans also provide you with free access to MS SQL, a comprehensive, all-inclusive, data management tool. This business solution allows businesses to organize and analyze basic information while ensuring confidentiality. Your Windows reseller hosting plan makes you eligible to own the fastest growing database tool in the business.

Easy to use: Windows control panel is easy to use and provides you with an all-in-one solution. So, when the number of clients increases, you do not need to keep multiple accounts, which is the case with Linux systems.

Windows reseller hosting plans are popular because the Windows Control Panel makes use of a clustered Directory Technology. consequently, you have access to enterprise solutions right from the start.

These are some of the reasons why resellers find it very profitable to sell Windows reseller hosting plans. These plans allow them to sell their customers solutions that they require, at competitive rates.

Windows reseller hosting plans ensure higher customer satisfaction and give clients the ultimate opportunity to utilize a complete pack of cutting edge technologies.

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