Trick-or-Treaters Celebrate Halloween in Petworth – NBC4 Washington

Trick-or-Treaters Celebrate Halloween in Petworth – NBC4 Washington–-NBC4-Washington.png

Ghosts, ghouls and graveyards decorated yards as children in costume hunted for candy on Halloween night in Petworth. 

In the Northwest D.C. neighborhood, the door-to-door trick-or-treating was a welcome return to life as it used to be, although crowds were smaller than a typical Halloween.  

Many of the trick-or-treaters, dressed as villains, pumpkins and anime characters such as Naruto, said they skipped last year’s festivities.

“It’s fun,” one girl said by a grin. “I didn’t come out last year.”

This time around, safety was nevertheless a concern for many parents.  

“I guess we had to go back over the rules to make sure everyone was staying safe and they were just ready to get back out and have a good time,” one parent said.

While the night may not have been exactly back to normal, it was pretty close to a pre-pandemic Halloween.

“I’m thrilled. Love Halloween, especially in this city and this neighborhood. You can’t beat it and we’re thrilled to have everybody back,” one man dressed as a pirate said.

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