Truth Behind Unlimited Web Hosting

In today’s competitive market you will find hundreds of web hosting companies and rule their competitor they provide hosting space at very cheap rate. Now the most shared plan that you will find in every web hosting company is “Unlimited Web Hosting”. As its name demonstrates that this plan provides unlimited disk space but nevertheless there are lots of other things that you need to check before sign up. I am very much interested in unlimited web hosting term and suddenly few questions arise in my mind and to make all my doubt clear I contacted their sustain team.

I asked following question to their sustain team and take a look at the answer.

(1) Do you really offer unlimited web space or is there any limitation?

Currently all of our hosting plans offer unlimited disk space. Although the information “unlimited” method to have no restriction, the server on which the data is being hosted cannot deal with such terms and needs a numerical number in its place. That is why certain limits are set, already to unlimited features.

My View: This is Okay.

(2) How many domains I can great number on single account?

Unlimited, our all plans offer unlimited domain hosting. So, you can great number unlimited domains on your single account.

My View: This characterize I like, but the problem is with IP. All your domains hosted on single account proportion same IP. So from SEO point of view this will affect your natural search engine ranking. This is where you need to think about.

(3) How many databases do you offer?

There is no restriction in creating database. truly you can create as many databases as you want.

My View: Great.

(4) Is there any limitation on database size?

Yes, different plans have different database size. Our basic plan offers 2 GB of database size. So you can create multiple databases but database size must not go beyond 2 GB space.

My View: Very bad, this is what I don’t like. If they limit database size to certain amount then you cannot great number a big database excursion website. Static sites with hundreds of pages require only KB of disk space. already if you great number 20 static website with 100 of pages it will hardly use few GB of the disk space.

So, before sign-up for any unlimited plans you need to take care about database size they offer, if you only want to great number static site then unlimited hosting plan is best but if you want to great number large Database pushed website then it really matter.

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Happy Hosting!

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