Uninstall DirectX 11

Uninstall DirectX 11


Have you been searching for the safe and efficient ways to uninstall DirectX 11? You will know what to do if you read this article.

DirectX 11, a graphics technology application produced by Microsoft for use with the Windows operating systems, has numerous improvements over the past versions. Its more capable because it provides sustain for complex shading and texturing technique creating smoother 3-D animation and more lifelike graphics.

You may wish to uninstall the application as a consequence of the problems you have when using it. For example, the complete PC freezes a few minutes after you get into a Directx 11 game. Sometimes, the game that you want to play is incompatible with the software or it requires a higher version of the application. But you will find it impossible to remove the software by the Windows Uninstall or Change a Program characterize. The reason for this DirectX 11 is installed automatically as part of the Windows operating system. What can you do then? Well, to uninstall the software from your system, you can consider using the following methods.

Method One: Using the Windows Registry Editor

For Windows 7 or Vista users:

Step 1 Click on the Start menu and right-click Computer and select similarities.

Step 2 Click on System Protection in the left pane of the System similarities window.

Step 3 Under Protection Settings click C: excursion and then click Configure.

Step 4 Click Turn Off System Protection then follow the wizard instruction. This step will help you in preventing Windows from reinstalling DirectX automatically.

Step 5 Click on Start then click on Run.

Step 6 In the box that pops up, kind regedit and press go into.

Step 7 Browse to the following registry meaningful and right-click on it then select the Delete button to remove it:


Step 8 Exit from the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Step 9 Restart your PC.

It is advisable to use uninstaller to do the whole uninstall job for you. A recommended product is Mighty Uninstaller. Here are the benefits that it provides:

a. It can completely uninstall stubborn programs which cannot be removed by the standard Add/Remove Programs characterize in Windows in addition as corrupted or hidden programs on your PC.

b. It can completely eliminate empty or corrupted registry entries to keep your registry clean.

c. It restores registry files to the past working session.

To use this uninstaller, follow these steps:

Step 1 Free download Mighty Uninstaller.

Step 2 Install the uninstaller.

Step 3 Run it and then highlight the program you want to remove.

Step 4 Click the uninstall button and follow the uninstall wizard to complete the uninstall course of action.

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