Warning – Sprained Ankle Ahead

If you have a sprained ankle and you don’t rehab it properly, statistics say that you will suffer another more serious sprain within 12 months of your first injury.

These statistics are based on hospital emergency room visits for the same injury.

For years nobody has been able to explain why this is, but a recent study by 2 major universities have found the answer…

When you injured your ankle, the damage that occurred was more than just to the ligaments and tendons in your ankle, damage also occurred in the electrical system that tells your brain what position your foot is in.

For years many doctors have known that only a 1/16th of an inch change in height in a walking surface can consequence in a person tripping so is it unreasonable to think that damage to position sensors in your foot could cause you additional injury if they are not rehabilitated properly?

The traditional approach to rehabilitation by most doctors is R.I.C.E., but most people don’t know that the RICE protocol is truly only an approved first aid response to a sprained ankle and not a rehabilitation method.

A proper sprained ankle rehab program will help strengthen the muscles that sustain the ankle joint, repair and re-calibrate the position sensors in the foot and restore complete range of motion to the ankle.

There are many approaches to rehabbing a sprained ankle, but not all of them are complete and address the damage that occurred as a consequence of the injury. Make sure that any rehab program you follow or are instructed to follow by a doctor or physical therapist includes the following items:

  • Strengthens the muscles that sustain your ankle
  • Restores range of motion the way that you walk – rubber band therapy will cause you to have “sore spots” long after you think you have completed rehabilitation of your sprained ankle.
  • Repairs and re-calibrates the electrical position sensors in your foot that are known in the medical community as proprioceptors.
  • Helps to gently get rid of scar tissue that can restrict movement and cause current pain and possibly arthritis later in life.
  • Focuses on rehabilitation while bearing your own weight – there are some programs that don’t require you to bear your own weight which gives you a false sense of security that your ankle is healed when it really isn’t.

Recent advances in rehabilitating sprains ankles have reduced the time to complete recovery from weeks to days so you should be able to get back to your life faster than ever before.

Make sure that you are using the most progressive and aggressive sprained ankle rehab program possible because nobody wants to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass them by.

Oh, one more thing…its important… whenever you rehab a sprained ankle always do the same exercises on the ankle that is not injured so you don’t suffer alternating sprained ankles due to one ankle being stronger than the other.

A Google search for sprained ankle rehab will help you find the best programs obtainable today.

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