What Are GMOs?

What Are GMOs?

What are GMOs and why are they dangerous? A GMO is a Genetically alternation Organism. It is a creation of a species straight out of science fiction. These species would NEVER exist in character and are a Pandora’s Box of long term issues that have not already been remotely considered.

Here is how genetically alternation corn is born. Scientists employed by the huge Agriculture industry decide that we need improved corn because bugs like corn too and farmers have to regularly apply pesticides – which is expensive and clearly not good for the ecosystem or those eating the corn, right? So these scientists decide to create a fake corn and here is what they have done.

They go into the DNA structure of corn and take out a chromosome and replace it with a chromosome of a pesticide. This is now an engineered species that could NEVER have happened in character. So when this corn is grown, if a pest dares to eat the corn, the pest DIES. Yes, the corn is now toxic. It is poisonous and now as much of 85% of our corn supply is now GMO.

So whenever you eat corn, you are eating poison. Not just corn on the cob but corn flakes, corn ships, tortillas, and every sweet thing made with high fructose corn syrup. You can’t avoid it!

And pesticides are all about affecting neurological pathways in pests so now you are ingesting poisons everyday that will affect your brain. The human body has absolutely no capacity to filter out these poisons so they build up in our cells – just like plastic in the landfill – and slowly begin to erode our health.

Have you noticed an increase in diagnoses of Autism? ADHD? Alzheimer’s? Cancer? Depression? Learning Disabilities? How about an increase in Obesity and Diabetes? These are ALL neurological disorders directly connected to synthetic pesticides which are now ever present in our food supply thanks to GMOs.

What can we do? The only solution is to need that our food supply be precisely labeled. Currently, there is no way to know if what you are buying has genetically alternation food or not. already food labeled ‘organic’ is protected by government statutes that GMOs can be present.

Big Ag companies in addition as big Food companies do NOT want labeling requirements because duh – people may not buy the products. But we are NOT guinea pigs and have the right to know what we are buying. Europe labels their products, why can’t we? And just to show how bad GMOs are, the Republic of China – with billions of people to satisfy and a wretched history of human rights violations – refuses these foods for the safety of their people.

Write your Congressmen. Get educated about what companies you should buy from. Stand up for your rights as a consumer because GMO foods are danger in every bite.

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