What To Do When Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

What To Do When Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

When your child has issues speaking, you may feel at a loss for what to do to help. Speaking properly is a problem many children have and is often detected by the age of three or four. If your young one has trouble saying certain letters, such as “s” or “r,” you may want to consider getting them specialized help. Learn what to do if your child needs speech therapy.

Take Them to a Specialist

An ear, nose, and throat doctor should be the first specialist you see when you think your young one has speech problems. This kind of doctor will make sure there are no physical defects such as an enlarged tongue, swollen throat, or issues with the shape of the mouth or gums.

Seek a Therapist

Speech therapy is advantageous to young children. Therapists can help children feel more confident using their words. A therapist uses special tools like cue cards and mouth exercises to help. Make sure they see a therapist once a week for several months or years as they learn to enhance their communication.

Speech Therapy at School

Schools often offer special classes designed to help struggling students pronounce phrases better. Working in groups can be a good way for your student to practice communicating with better clarity. Sessions may last a half hour or more, depending on how harsh your child’s impediment is. If you choose to do this in addition to using a therapist, make sure the specialized knows what methods of learning are being used so that they can use similar methods.

What You Can Do at Home

Helping your young one at home is meaningful to their success. First of all, alert any other children in the home of the issue. Explain to them that they are not to tease, taunt, mimic, or torment their sibling because of the impediment. You can also use special tools given to you by your therapist to help your child learn how to pronounce sentences and individual sounds. Cue cards, follow-along videos, and tapes are basic tools you can utilize.

Many young children confront this kind of challenge every day. You don’t have to suffer as a parent. It may take many months or years, but over time you should see success with speech therapy. Talk to a specialist who can refer you to an excellent therapist. The results will rule to a confident and happy child.

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