What to Expect During a Psychic Reading

In my past article I discussed how to prepare yourself for a psychic reading and in this article I will show you what you should expect from the reading itself.  After choosing your psychic or medium for your reading and after preparing yourself for the reading by getting your questions ready and wearing comfortable clothing, you are now ready for the reading itself.

A psychic reading first and foremost should be kept secret and be between you and your psychic.  If you choose to later proportion what is said at your reading then that is of course your choice, but the psychic reader should never show that information unless requested to do so by you, the client.  Many times the client will ask or the reader will offer to tape the reading and that decision should be agreed upon by the both of you.  Personally I never liked the readings I was giving to be recorded because it made me eager and I requested that the client not to record the reading, but this was a personal preference.  Most psychics do not seem to mind.

It is important to understand upfront that you always have free will.  Nothing in the future is ever set in stone and a reading is based on the decisions you are making that day and in the past that provide the most probably outcome of the time.  Most readers pick up on past patterns and relay the “future” as it is most likely to play out unless you make choices as a consequence of the reading to change the outcome.  In fact, most people expect to be told the “future” in a psychic reading but you will soon realize that a lot of the reading is spent discussing the past and present, then the “probable” future at that time.  A psychic reader is there to help guide you along the best possible path for the future.

A “trick” a lot of people try to play during their psychic reading is to be dishonest about something to try and test the psychic ability of the reader.  This dishonesty will only make your reading inaccurate because if the psychic gets conflicting messages, one from you and one from their ability, the answer they give you will be skewed.  A psychic is never 100% accurate and if they tell you they are then you should run as fast as you can in the other direction, so they depend a lot on your honesty so they can see the messages they are receiving clearly and interpret them correctly in order to relay to you the most honest and accurate answer.  If you are dishonest then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

A psychic reader should always be upfront and honest and this might average you will hear something you do not like, but just remember you have the ability to change the future if you do not like what you hear!

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