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Interestingly, the Bible tells us that character itself teaches us about spiritual things (1 Corinthians 11:14). That being said, today while working in my yard I made some new discoveries. First of all, I humbled myself and walked across the street to speak to my elderly neighbor who has a beautiful lawn. The gentleman who has owned the house for 26 years already knew my grandfather and recalled how nice our yard looked when he was alive. Of course this was a bit embarrassing and humiliating for me, but I was willing to persevere the momentary shame to get a better looking yard.

The wise man told me that I probably had chinch bugs eating at my grass and that no matter how much I watered it (which by the way chinch bugs like), water alone would not solve the problem. So I asked him what he uses on his lawn. He was kind enough to tell me and assured me it would do the trick. Upon going to the nursery to buy the product and speaking to the horticulturist, he pointed out to me all the various types of bugs that satisfy on grass. He already had pictures of various types of diseased grass and pointed out the culprit in a boxed sample he had in the store.

I surprise if bugs can be so hazardous to a yard, similarly how dangerous can attitudes and wrong mindsets be to our personal well-being? Considering our collective history, past pain, familial dysfunction, improper teaching, and circumstantial challenges we all have some unfinished business to attend to.

Although I am a very well educated man, when it comes to grass and attending to flowers in the yard I didn’t know that much. That is until I went to some successful professionals who could give me some priceless advice, while helping me save time and money.

If you are currently going by a pickle in your life, feel like your back is against the wall, everybody is against you, and you can’t do anything right considering calling in some reinforcements to help. If you feel like quitting, if life has lost its allurement, if you feel dead within, and unable to get a breakthrough…know that you are not alone.

I myself have been by the valley of the shadow of death, processed my personal pain, and passed by the wilderness of life. Your season of hardship does not need to be prolonged any longer. Humble yourself and seek specialized help from someone you trust and know is an experienced change master.

Go to someone who knows how to engineer breakthroughs and can empower you to successfully change by your present circumstance en route to your promised land.

Otherwise like me naturally struggling with my lawn, you inwardly and throughout your life thoroughly, will have to persevere devouring insects contaminating and thwarting your life. Ants, fire ants, fleas, brown dog ticks, millipedes, clover mites, roaches, spiders, silverfish, sow bugs (pill bugs), crickets, earwigs, ants, army worms, chinch bugs, crickets, cut worms, lawn moths, sod web worms, leaf hoppers, billbug grubs, white grubs, Japanese beetle grubs, ataenius grubs, phylaphaga, june beetle grubs, chiggers, mealy bugs, spiders, ticks, weevils, termites, cankerworm, locusts, leeches, cockroaches, and much more! Wgat you tolerate will rule.

Put your foot down and say no more! There is a time to build and plant, but there also is a time to uproot and rebuild a faulty life’s foundation. Whether you need a minor inner adjustment, or a major alignment – get help before you continue to perpetuate and strengthen your pain. Remember what you run from will only follow you and manifest in other places down the road.

Before endeavoring to build and plant positive things in your life, take some time to also “root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down” that which is seeking to devour your precious life (see Jeremiah 1:10).

Pull the weeds out of your life and kill the bugs the are secretly destroying you! It’s time you take control and go deeper than you’ve ever gone before to carefully probe what is thwarting your possible.

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