Who Pays For Visitation? And Other Questions A Family Law Attorney Can…

Who Pays For Visitation? And Other Questions A Family Law Attorney Can…


Legal proceedings for a divorce can be an arduous and highly emotional experience, and adding children into the mix can make this time nearly extremely. To alleviate some of the stress, it is imperative to hire a family law attorney. They are experienced and equipped to answer the hard and fast truths about divorce and custody. Here are a few of the tough questions an attorney can manager.

Can I Modify a Court Order or Judgment?

Under certain circumstances, a judgment can be changed. Custody arrangements can be changed if the child’s needs change or if one of the parents has to move. If there is a difference in income or employment position, the court can address a past order in addition. As soon as there is an indication that a court order needs to be alternation, contact a lawyer.

Will I Have to Pay My Spouse’s Attorney Fees?

Whether or not one spouse would have to pay for the other’s family law attorney fees varies from state to state. In some situations, if one qualifies as a dependent spouse, he or she would be entitled to lawyer fees. The position of “dependent spouse” is determined by several factors-mainly how much disposable income the person has, and whether he or she depends significantly on the other person for financial sustain. The traditional example of a dependent spouse is a stay at home parent. However, working parents can also qualify.

Who Pays the Travel Expenses for Visitation?

When parents live in different states, the cost of travel can become a huge expense. Judgments will differ by state, but in most situations, the non-custodial parent will pay for the child to go for court-ordered visitation. In some instances, if the custodial parent has made the decision to move out of state, the estimate may order the custodial parent to manager the travel expenses. It is also possible that the court will ask both the parents to create a trip trust fund to ensure that when visitation is needed, there are resources obtainable.

If I Lose My Job, Do I Have to Continue to Pay sustain?

If a party’s financial circumstances have changed in any way, they are nevertheless required to pay the agreed upon amount of sustain. However, it is promoted that the affected party notify the court as soon as possible and pursue a alteration to the court order. Financial hardship is a valid reason to ask for an adjustment to items like the amount of payment or payment schedule. It should be noted that until the court approves the modifications, all persons should continue to send sustain in compliance with the original order.

Going by a divorce or custody battle is not only emotionally taxing but also very complicate. Laws differ from state to state, and they can also change. It is important to hire someone who is knowledgeable of the most current legal proceedings in the jurisdiction of the case. A family law attorney can help to navigate the proceedings and make way for a clearer and more effective experience.

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