Why the DX610 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Is the Best Electron…

Why the DX610 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Is the Best Electron…


When you carry out a search online for an electronic mouse repellent you will discover that there are many different types to choose from. Of course which one you choose depends on how much you can provide to send on what method it uses in order to truly ward off these pests from your home.

We feel however after testing out several models that one worth considering using is the DX610 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller from Pest-A-ward off. This particular device has been scientifically designed and engineered to ensure that not only rats and mice but other forms of rodent in addition as insets and other pests can be pushed out of your home.

Although we recommend this device for helping to ward off mice from your home it is used around the globe as a way of controlling mice and rats and also cockroaches in not just homes but commercial premises today.

This device has been patented and uses improvement state of the art technology to release a very powerful range of ultrasonic sound groups that are in the 45,000Hz range. Also to ensure that no pests get use to the sounds emitted by this kind of electronic mouse repellent the frequencies and pulses it transmits change automatically. In fact in tests carried out in laboratories it was found that rats and mice would closest leave areas if they found them to be too stressful.

As with all such devices when it comes to this one the sound groups emitted can only be heard by rats and mice. In fact the sound groups that these devices release arent only inaudible to humans but also to pets such as dogs and cats that many people have and already cannot be heard by birds.

You however need to be aware that the sound groups emitted by these types of electronic mouse repellent devices are only effective in an area measuring up to 2,000 sq ft. So you will need to truly buy more than one if you want your whole home to be covered by them.

In fact we would highly recommend that you buy one for each floor plus also one for your garage, attic and basement if you have these. The more of these types of electronic mouse repellents you install then the more quickly and effectively they will work as any rats or mice in your home will find that there is no place for them to get away from the sound they produce.

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