Work at Home Business – Hosting Designer Purse Parties

Work at Home Business – Hosting Designer Purse Parties

Purse parties are viable home based business that will allow you to make a lucrative income while spending time with your family or having time for other pursuits. If you are interested in a home business that involves hosting designer purse parties, it is important to have all the facts on this area.

Purse parties are defined as gatherings of women or other interested parties in an informal air for social and networking purposes while a variety of purses and other accessories are offered for buy by the guests. It can either be hosted by a purse party consultant or a party hostess can invite the purse party consultant to discuss and characterize her wares at the party.

A purse party can take place anywhere such as a bachelorette party, baby showers, housewarming parties, bridal showers, and so forth. Proper planning is basic to a successful business that will average repeat business and great information of mouth referrals.

While most purse parties seek to offer reasonably priced purses that are nevertheless fashionable and on trend, some party consultants seek to great number parties featuring designer purses. It is important for the party consultant to tread very carefully to ensure that no illegal activity takes place.

Designer purses are highly prized which also method that they are highly prone to counterfeit and fakes masquerading as 100% designer purses which is illegal. Designer names such as Chanel, Prada, etc are protected by copyright laws to protect this intellectual character.

It is important to observe as you seek to great number purse parties that designers such as Chanel and Prada never sell to purse party companies used in purse party businesses. They have very strict rules in order to buy these designer purses at wholesale.

If any purse party states that it offers designer purses or if you are invited to a designer purse party, you may want to consider that these are fake or stolen. You can also verify the authenticity by contacting the design houses directly.

At the same time, designer purse “knock off” are completely legal. These do not claim to be the original and do not have the designer’s logo or identifying characteristics. Many authentic businesses make money by creating designs that are an imitation of the designer bags except for the logo or identifying characteristics of the designer. It is legal only if it does not include the logo or the designer name or identifying characteristics.

This is different from a fake which claims to be a 100% authentic designer bag. A knock off clearly states that is inspired by a designer purse and does not claim that it is an authentic designer purse.

It will simply state that it is “inspired by” or similar jargon. At no point should the seller claim that it is an authentic designer bag. in any case kind of purse party business you seek to have, whether selling reasonably priced fashionable purses that are also in high need or designer knock offs, it is important to deal with a reputable purse party company.

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