Your Spiritual Journal Magic: Get Started Now

Your Spiritual Journal Magic: Get Started Now

Keeping a spiritual journal is a richly rewarding endeavor. The simple act of recording your metaphysical activities and experiences will help you ground your spiritual practice in your day-to-day life.

Keeping a journal will also aid you in identifying resistances to your expansion of consciousness and permit you to find ways to release these blocks.

Your journal will assist you in tracking your personal growth. A written account of your spiritual journey will not only affirm that yes, you are making progress towards your goals, but will also show you which transformational tools and activities assistance you most.

Start with your journal itself. You can choose to record your thoughts and experiences on computer disc, in a beautiful blank book or in a simple spiral-bound notebook.

Whether you are handwriting your journal entries or recording them on your computer, you may want to commit or print out your thoughts on paper of various textures and colors. You may want to dress up your journal by writing or highlighting your entries with different colored ink pens — metallic gold and silver inks are fun for this.

You can ‘artify’ your journal with lovely stickers, stamps, and drawings that inspire you, too.

Your spiritual journal is the place to record activities, experiences and thoughts related to your personal growth and spiritual development.

Include rituals you have designed or participated in, workshops you have attended and art, music, poems and books that have moved you. Don’t limit yourself to just describing these activities. Detail your experience of these events. Include your responses — the feelings, insights and emotions they stirred within you — in addition.

Your spiritual journal is the perfect place to record your dreams. Keep your journal by your bed to capture those fleeting middle-of-the-night impressions. Write down any dreams or particles of dreams you remember closest upon waking. Do this first thing before the dream memories evaporate.

As you keep track of your dreams, over time you will see meaningful patterns appear. These themes may contain the answers to your life’s questions, or rule you in a new direction in your spiritual quest.

Use your spiritual journal to record your psychic and Tarot readings, intuitive insights, spiritual visions and out-of-body experiences.

Include drawings, poems of your own composition or the works of others that have touched you, meditations, special prayers and descriptions of mementos that carry significance for you in your spiritual journal.

Enjoy the exciting and rewarding journey of self-discovery and transformation upon which you are about to embark with your spiritual journal. Happy spiritual journal keeping!

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